The Ostar

At first, I thought this world was dead. A land of hot stone, boiling rivers and spikes of bone, the spines and remains of animals long since deceased. Asterkitoi, gigantic beings that came to this world to leave the mortal coil and be renewed by the Cycle, their bodies melting in the hot, white sun, … Read moreThe Ostar


In the beginning, there was nothing and everything. Pante. The Singularity. But Pante was lonely, bored, lacking. It felt empty. It felt an endless cycle of nothingness. A particle would flash in and out of existence. Over and over. Waiting to become something. Eventually, Pante became tired of the cycle, and of the nothingness. It … Read moreAll

Report to Vice General Elkay by Thitavee-En

Report to Vice General Elkay Theanon, on the current status of High General Photeianos Photeianou Date: 04/09/16 Dear Ser, As you requested, this letter comes attached with a document containing the information you wished to learn about High General Photeianos. It is sealed with a passcode attached, for your eyes only. Firstly, I must apologise … Read moreReport to Vice General Elkay by Thitavee-En

Transcript: Arhontas and Vice General

Elkay: Hello, this is Vice General Elkay Theanon, acting leader of the Rethas. I would like to request that you give us a little more information on the incoming threat you mentioned to the Maza. Aspras: Hello, Vice General. I am Aspras Monomavran, Arhontas of the Tavrans. Where is your real leader? Elkay: High General … Read moreTranscript: Arhontas and Vice General