Attractive Avatars

“Alright…” Continuity muttered to himself. “Feels like this is working…” He tightened the small belts that ran across his chest.

“You sure?” Arkay was feeling uncertain. The straps and belts around his body felt weird and oddly sexual. If he had been a creature with breasts and external genitalia, they would have been perfectly framed by the straps he was wearing.

“Yes. Definitely working. Can feel it all pumping around…”

“I can certainly feel something pumping around!” Istoria smiled as she eyed Arkay. Her own straps were even more seductive, made worse (or better) by the fact that she did genuinely have breasts and a round, peachy backside.

Arkay blinked, then looked back at Continuity. Maybe it was just the way Continuity looked but his straps weren’t at all sexy or appealing. Then again, he was a weird-looking humanoid thing with weird armour plating and a weird obsession with circles and electricity. Then again, Istoria was looking at Continuity as well.

“Are you alright, Istoria?” Arkay finally asked.

“Oh, I’m great!” Istoria’s reply seemed both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. “Sorry, the whole idea of being the Birth side of things, all I can think about is grabbing you both and procreating… Ah, such is the way when it comes to the Avatar of Birth… How are you two feeling, my fellow Avatars?”

Continuity tutted disapprovingly of Istoria, who was now twirling around in circles, changing her appearance to be more motherly and feminine.

“You not going to make yourself more Death-y, Arkay?” Istoria wondered out loud as she finished twirling about and adjusted her new breasts.

“I thought I already was pretty deadly…” Arkay shrugged. “Excuse me for being the newbie here, but is this just it? We just do everything subconsciously now, like last time when I was doing this when that Corruption attacked?”

“Basically…” Continuity grunted. “What we are seeing in Istoria, that will happen to us over the next couple of days. We are going to see shifts in our personalities and our appearances as we become these new roles.”

“So what’s up with the belts?” Arkay’s confusion was not fading. “Are they just to stop…”

“They stop the power from corrupting us, and they stop us from exploding violently.”

“Good to know…” Now that Continuity had mentioned it, Arkay was starting to feel different. A feeling that he was inadequate as he was, and that he needed to change. “These… personality shifts, are they permanent?”


“Oh. And the looks?”

“Possibly. We’re just going by Istoria’s dumb book.”

“It’s not dumb!” Istoria snapped, not amused at all by Continuity and his lack of confidence. “This will keep us going until Kinisis comes back! Without putting any strain on us! And we get to be amazingly powerful beings in the process! More than just normal Veth! We can do what we want and have some wild sex and stuff as we do so! We can make this universe as we want it to be, make it perfect and wonderful!”

Arkay glanced at Continuity. “You sure those belts are working?”

“Mostly…” Continuity sighed. “Let’s just get to work…”