Been a Few Days

“So, my darlings!” Yenis grinned as she spread herself out elegantly on a sofa, then spread her legs out inelegantly. “It’s been a few days! How do you feel about things so far?”

Mesos and Telos had two very different expressions on their faces. While Mesos beamed with a combination of joy, satisfaction and happy tiredness, Telos looked rather miffed.

“You two basically spent three days reconsciliating your lost love while I dealt with all the recent dead and did all the work!” Telos protested. “To be honest, I feel rather left out here. Like you’re intentionally leaving me out.”

“Oh don’t be silly!” Yenis smiled as she got up and wandered over to Telos. “I love you!”

“But you only seem to be interested in Mesos…” Telos sighed. “I mean, I get it, it’s nicer to be with the main part of the Cycle rather than the shitty bit at the end, but still…” Telos paused for a moment. “Plus, I’ve done all the work here in Kinigi too. All you did was install a bigger, fancier bed upstairs.”

Mesos, unexpectedly, was nodding in agreement with Telos. “He’s right you know. We have to treat all halves equally. Telos is equal to us both. You can’t have Life without Birth, nor can you have Life without Death.”

“Well, everything would be better without Death…” Yenis shrugged. “I know that’s a very unCycle thing to say, heck it would have been treasonous to say it in front of Kinisis… But you have to admit it, Death is pretty shitty.”

“Yeah, just stand there and insult me, pretending as if I’m not even here!” Telos snapped. “We’re the Cycle. You can’t have Birth without Death to give you a reason to reproduce! We have gone this way before, so many times. It doesn’t work. You NEED change so the Cycle doesn’t grow stagnant… WHY AM I EVEN TELLING YOU THIS?”

Mesos put an arm around Telos in an attempt to comfort him. “There there, my friend. We’re not going to do anything like that. Yenis is talking nonsense.”

“I am not talking nonsense!” Yenis butted in. “A universe without Death would be amazing! There should be something other than Death. Rebirth. Reawakening. One life ends but you are reborn and regrow and try and bettee your new life!”

Telos tutted. “I already do that. The only difference is that when mortals die, they do not remember their past lives. They start clean and fresh, ready to live new lives!”

“My way is better!” Yenis got up, stamping her feet. “I don’t like you, Telos!”

“Alright, stop that now!” Mesos waggled his finger at Yenis. He was tired of this conversation. “You are getting out of hand. And talking nonsense. I don’t think we can even change Kinigi to do that anyway. After all, we are still bound by Kinisis’s own rules, whether she is present or not.”

“We’ll see about that!” Yenis shouted as she stormed off to goodness knows where.

Telos glanced at Mesos, who looked rather confused.

“Does she mean that?” Telos asked.

“I don’t know…” Mesos admitted. “I just think we need to tighten her belts…” Mesos suddenly started grinning. “Doesn’t matter. We’ll work it out. In the mean time, you fancy… Doing something?”

Telos smiled. “Sure, why not?”