A Fashionframe Dilemma

Larunda Relay was busier than normal. On the Concourse of the relay, over fifty Tenno had gathered, half of which were taking part in the bi-weekly Larunda Fashionframe Contest. The contestants all stood in a ring, waiting for the head judge to pick a Tenno out. The spectators, of which there were quite a few, were sitting by the Ducat Kiosks and around the Rhino Fountain, offering thoughts and criticisms for each contestant.

Peering from one of the wings were a white and gold Frost and a bright yellow Volt. It was clear as day that the Volt wasn’t taking part, but the Frost seemed less sure.

“But I don’t have a style! Everyone else is doing white and gold as well! It’s…”

Frost was worrying needlessly. Volt thought he looked pretty good. “Does it matter that much if other people use white and gold? It’s a nice colour scheme.”

“No offense, Volt…” Frost sighed. “But you’re yellow with blue accents. Everything you own is bright yellow. Even your Kavat kitten is bright yellow. I’m not sure if I should be taking fashion tips from you.”

“Just because I like my look, doesn’t mean I don’t have good taste!” Volt countered. “I just prefer standing out from a crowd rather than doing the same white or black with a bright highlight look that so many other Tenno seem to do!” Volt paused briefly. “And anything is better than that red and black Stalker look.”

Frost nudged Volt in the side, signalling for him to shut up. “Speaking of black and highlights, there’s Ember! And she’s next to her friend Saryn…”

“Ohh, are they entering the contest?” Volt asked. “Ember looks good. Everyone will probably say that the Pyra Syandana on her back is totally overdone but it’s fire and Ember’s fire so, uh…” Volt quickly realised Frost wasn’t listening. He was too busy eyeing Saryn. “Saryn looks nice too.”

Frost didn’t answer. Saryn was wandering around in a mixture of pinks, with a lilac highlight, rocking a floral look. On her back was a syandana made out of flowers and rope that matched her helmet and armour.

“Do you like her?” Volt asked.


“Do you like Saryn?”

Frost shook his head dismissively, then nodded his head, then slumped down. “I don’t… Uh… No… Yes… I guess…”

“You like Saryn.”


Volt shrugged. “I thought you liked Ember.”

“I do, but we’re just friends. She made it clear we’re just friends. I made that clear too…” Frost sighed, then went back to looking at Saryn, before realising he was being creepy and changing his mind. “She likes you too, Volt. Ember likes you.”

“I noticed that when we went out to the plains with Rhino… but… I thought you liked her more. She’s your friend after all.”

“Yeah, friend. Not girlfriend…” Frost fell silent, lost in thought. Volt swore for a moment that he could hear gears grinding in Frosts’s head. Finally, he looked at Volt, absolutely astonished at how amazing his idea was. “This is perfect! We’ll arrange a double date! You and Ember and me and Saryn! There’s an Octavia’s Anthem Musical here next week, we could go to that then head to Cetus for some shopping!”

“That sounds-” Volt hesitated, then sighed loudly.

“You’re thinking the same thing that I am, aren’t you?” Frost asked.

“That dating other Tenno is a rather naive and pointless task since we’re more attracted to our Warframes and not the immortal teenager void demons that control them, even more so that we’re probably infertile due to being exposed to the Void and we’re unable to take off our containment suits anyway?”

Frost nodded. “That was exactly what I was thinking. Well, that and the fact that we all hate musicals.”

Volt shrugged. “Eh. We can still take them to Cetus to go shopping though, right?”

“Yeah, sure. That’s always fun…”