Thursday the Fifteenth

The Dasos Arena hadn’t been used in a very long time. Everything was overgrown and straggly, filled with a mixture of dead honey-oak trees and decaying fir trees, their roots mingling in the stagnant mud. It had always been designed as an arena filled with trees, but as fads came and went, the Raptor had … Read more

Dreams of Universal Shifts

The screams echoed around the bedroom, bouncing off the walls like rubber. They continued for a good twenty seconds before being followed by a large thud and finally silence. “Psiksi! Are you alright?” Kass panicked as he flew up the stairs and straight to the bedroom. Psiksi was lying on the ground, rubbing the back … Read more

Thanatian Intervention

“Stand down. Right now.” The Raptor stormed through the row of Cassid soldiers, walking right up to their boss. “No.” The Cassid, wearing a mechanical suit, simply tutted. “Stand down!” Phovos didn’t like repeating herself. “On whose orders?” “On the orders of the Raptor of Palaestra. i.e. ME.” The Cassid didn’t move. “Oh for fuck’s … Read more

Eksi’s Offer

“Psiksi!” The voice on the other end of the communicator was almost as squeaky as Psiksi’s own voice. “Eksi! How you doing?” Psiksi hadn’t been expecting any phone calls for a bit. Especially since the power was a bit flimsy. They’d had multiple power cuts over the last few days, and Psiksi was certain that … Read more

A Lock-in

“I’m genuinely getting quite worried now…” Psiksi muttered as he paced up and down the living room. “I mean, it’s one thing to close off the arenas. It’s another to lock vok in their homes and tell vok to barricade their doors and windows.” Kass wasn’t nearly as bothered. He’d used the last few days … Read more

Wandering Cassids

“What do you mean, closed until further notice? What’s going on?” Psiksi was quite frustrated. “What do you think I mean, child?” Kindynis, the House Leader, snapped. “The DBA is closed. Until further notice.” “Because of a Cassid crash?” Kindynis rolled his eyes, growling. “Are you stupid or something?” “Possibly…” Psiksi sighed. “I just don’t … Read more

Bad Gossip

“You’re home early!” Kass smiled as he paused the game he was playing. Psiksi awkwardly waved back as he dropped his backpack on the ground. “You look like you haven’t even left!” Psiksi exclaimed, still wearing a set of training armour from work. It had taken him a moment to work out what was wrong. … Read more

Keseer’s Change of Heart

“I do not like you.” Keseer Varo was the biggest Rethan House Fighter, and he had always been a moody one. A towering hulk of a Rethan, known for wrestling the arena beasts and enjoying it. Literally wrestling with them, not toying with them with spears and swords. “Oh, why?” Psiksi on the flip side … Read more

Planning to Retire

“I am retiring…” Tesnik grunted as he removed his helmet and threw it into his locker and disappeared into one of the showers. “What?” The House Leader seemed to have been caught unaware. He chased after Tesnik, stopping outside the shower doors. “Tesnik, what is going on?” “I told you!” a voice shouted above the … Read more

The Partner Finds Out

Psiksi was late getting home again. He’d been keeping quiet about his new job lately. He wasn’t even really willing to tell his partner about any of this. That was why he had left really early and returned really late. Unfortunately, this hadn’t worked out. “Where have you been?” Kass stood in the doorway, tapping … Read more

Early Successes

Phovos stood at her balcony, watching the chaotic battle unfold below her. She was immensely enjoying her newest House Fighter. Even in his current temporary set of armour, he had beaten the shit out of several hot-headed Cassids in their stupid dumb mechs. That always caused the crowds to cheer, although Phovos was never keen … Read more

Money to be Made

Psiksi was waiting patiently again. Yesterday had been a complete blur, a whole mess of things, so he didn’t mind waiting. He’d gone and completed like seven different trials, all testing normal things. But he hadn’t fought a single actual living being yet. And he was kinda tired. After the last trial, they sent him … Read more

An Unusual First Day on the Job

The House Fighters’ entrance was small and unpronounced, to the point that Psiksi would have missed it if it wasn’t for the fact that there were several other beings already waiting outside. Feeling nervous, Psiksi decided to hang around the back. He was early. Half an hour early. Probably for the best because the instructions … Read more

Interview for a New Job

The happy little creature sat in the only chair in the waiting room, its legs swinging back and forth, only just touching the ground. The creature was quite well armoured. A green and silver plate ran across the top of its head, and it wore several various armour pieces across its body – plates on … Read more