Wandering Cassids

“What do you mean, closed until further notice? What’s going on?” Psiksi was quite frustrated.

“What do you think I mean, child?” Kindynis, the House Leader, snapped. “The DBA is closed. Until further notice.”

“Because of a Cassid crash?”

Kindynis rolled his eyes, growling. “Are you stupid or something?”

“Possibly…” Psiksi sighed. “I just don’t have all the details. All I know is that a ship crashed nearby and that it belonged to the Cassids and… I don’t get why everything’s being shut down! Did it crash into one of the arenas or something?”

“No. It was nowhere close to the arenas. On the outskirts of Palaestra.”

“So why is it all shut down?” Psiksi insisted. “I don’t understand!”

Kindynis grabbed Psiksi by the shoulder and pulled him to one side as a Cassid in black, padded clothing walked by.

“Why are you so worked up about this, little one? Has the popularity gotten to your head already?” the House Leader hissed, his voice remaining rather quiet.

“Because I have bills and stuff to pay?” Psiksi tutted. “Same with everyone else who works here, I assume?”

“Did you not get the memo?” Kindynis was growling again. “You’re all being paid half until the DBA opens up again. Yes, I know you are upset…” Kindynis paused and pulled Psiksi close, out of sight of another wandering Cassid.


“Shut it.”


“Shut it.”

The House Leader waited until the Cassids had all left. They’d been wandering around the premises all day. He couldn’t get rid of them, and neither had anyone else been able to get them to leave. No one seemed to be sure why, and when Kindynis had brought it up with the Raptor, she had given him non-answers.

Once the Cassids had all gone, he pulled Psiksi into one of the nearby corridors.

“They are looking for something, and I don’t know what…” Kindynis finally admitted. “Something not Cassid. There was more on that ship than just Cassid government officials, something that didn’t die in the crash. That’s why the whole area is closed. Because the Cassids are scouring the whole city looking for whatever it is that didn’t die. And as far as they’re concerned, they don’t care if they’re getting in the way of everyone else in Palaestra.”

“So…” Psiksi hesitated. “You’re saying there’s a monster loose somewhere?”

“No!” Kindynis rubbed his snout. “That is not what I said at all!”

“You said something that isn’t a Cassid was on that ship and didn’t die and now they’re looking for it? Sounds rather monster-y to me!”

“Well…” Kindynis had given up on trying to persuade Psiksi otherwise. “Whatever it is, we’re not allowed to get in the way or intervene in any way what so ever.”

“Why?” Psiksi asked.

“Bloody death, you’re like 99% questions, 1% actual useful stuff…”

“I find that… both insulting and true…” Psiksi was smiling. “Sorry, but this is all rather weird…”

Kindynis tutted. “This city is always weird! Always some sort of strange shit going on in the shadows. Seriously though. Go home. And stay out of the way of those damn Cassids, because they are NOT friendly. Understand?”

Psiksi shrugged. “I understand.”

“Good. Now fuck off!”