Keseer’s Change of Heart

“I do not like you.”

Keseer Varo was the biggest Rethan House Fighter, and he had always been a moody one. A towering hulk of a Rethan, known for wrestling the arena beasts and enjoying it. Literally wrestling with them, not toying with them with spears and swords.

“Oh, why?”

Psiksi on the flip side was tiny. Literally half Keseer’s size. Both were great examples of the vast differences between Rethan sub-types. Both were also very popular House Fighters.

Keseer adjusted his helmet, which probably had too many horns and made him look a bit like a Thanatian. But he’d once used that helmet to smash a Vohran mech to bits, and he was very fond of it.

“Because you are too popular.”

Most of Psiksi’s relationships with the other House Fighters had been fine. There were a couple who weren’t particularly fond of him, but everyone had at least been nice to him. If anything, Psiksi expected there to be more anger directed at him and his sudden popularity.

“I’m sorry about that. I know it must be bad for you.”

“Yes, it is… pardon?” Keseer blinked several times, then readjusted his helmet again. “Did you apologise?”

“I did. I understand how this has to be affecting you all. I mean, I’m just some stupid kid and now I’m getting all the attention from the Raptor and all the crowds are cheering for me and, well, it’s weird. But I also know what it’s like to be the ugly vok no one likes.”

Keseer was interested now. If he had been furious before, his anger was now simply simmering.

“You? The ugly one?”

“Oh totally!” Psiksi perked up. “Like, all my other brothers are super attractive. And here I am in my dumb, green armour, with green eyes and an almost green tint to my skin.”

“But you are not ugly,” Keseer tutted. “You are little and attractive and probably keeping them away with a dirty stick.”

“Not really…” Psiksi hesitated briefly, playing with a piece of armour. He’d been told that his new armour set wouldn’t arrive until the end of the month. In the mean time, he’d been using a different set of armour every day, as well as different weapons. All until his ‘finalized look’ came in.

“Really? I do not believe you!”

“Well, I kinda am spoken for…” Psiksi smiled sheepishly, wanting to change the subject. “But I don’t really know anything about you. You hate me but you don’t know me. I don’t know you and might want to get to know you. You never know, at the end of all this, we might make good friends. I mean, maybe not right now because I’m supposed to be armouring up for a fight in ten minutes, but still…”

Keseer grunted. The little one had a point. He removed his helmet and placed it on the bench next to Psiksi.

“You have a good point. It is wrong to judge so early on. Your popularity threatens me.”

“But I don’t want to threaten you. Kinda didn’t even want to be super popular either!” Psiksi tutted. “And I especially don’t want to be an enemy or anything! If I’m going to make anything, I want to make friends!”

Something about how Psiksi spoke confused Keseer.

“Kid, how old are you?”

“Twenty five.”

“You seem younger.”

“Because I’m overly positive and optimistic. Although that can sometimes be a curse…”

Keseer smiled. “Well, the same applies to me. I can be overly pessimistic and negative.”

Psiksi smiled back, then glanced at the clock.

“I should start getting ready now. Do you want to chat though, when I get back?”

“That would be… a pleasant change…” Keseer almost grinned. “I would like that…”