Interview for a New Job

The happy little creature sat in the only chair in the waiting room, its legs swinging back and forth, only just touching the ground. The creature was quite well armoured. A green and silver plate ran across the top of its head, and it wore several various armour pieces across its body – plates on its thighs and upper arms, and a triangular piece that covered its chest. Some of the armour happened to be part of its body.


A voice echoed from behind a closed door. The creature leaped up off its chair and headed into the next room.

Inside was what was obviously some sort of dragon, the sort with only wings and a pair of legs. Really, it seemed a little too big for the room, its horns nearly touching the ceiling as it stretched out. Its silver and blue scales seemed rather dulled in the artificial light of the office.

On the dragon’s desk there was a stack of paper, and more importantly, a name tag, which read ‘Lokmahro’.

“You are smaller than I expected…” Lokmahro grunted as he started writing things down. “Please, take a seat. You are here to apply as a House Fighter in the Dessaron Battle Arena, yes?”

“I am!” Psiksi squeaked excitedly. “I may be small but I have a ton of raw strength I am simply dying to put to good use!”

Lokmahro inspected Psiksi. He was a Rethavok, a local species normally known for being kind but grumpy. And generally much taller. Clearly Psiksi was one of the smaller sub-species, a Threan-type, and most likely had some form of telepathy or telekinesis.

“One moment please.”

Psiksi nodded and started swinging his legs again. His eyes were focused on what Lokmahro was doing.

Lokmahro flicked through his roster of fighters, then peered at the form Psiksi had filled out earlier. There were two types of warriors in the Dessaron Battle Arena. Challengers were average beings, generally fighting to win prizes and fame; or they were teams sponsored by local towns, cities or even governments, representing the strength of their species. House Fighters on the other hand were the best of the best, fighting on behalf of the DBA itself and providing the many obstacles that challengers had to face.

Currently though, the House Fighter roster contained pretty much everything spectators wanted. Hard hitting beasts and monsters. Many of whom were buff, grunting beings who didn’t say much, but could talk angrily. The little being sitting in front of him was nothing like that.

“Is there a problem, Ser Lokmahro?”

The happy little thing was staring at Lokmahro. The dragon wasn’t sure whether he felt uncomfortable or not. Psiksi’s voice was high-pitched but also somewhat soothing.

“No. I am just wandering if House Fighter is the right sort of job for you…” Lokmahro explained.

“But I am a trained super-soldier with the ability to move things with my brain!” Psiksi squeaked. “I can lift things ten times my own weight and can create magical invisible shields! I’m a former Ksa, a member of one of the most powerful elite combat groups in the Maza systems!”

Lokmahro sighed, then read through Psiksi’s recommendation letters. They all said the same thing, that the little Rethan was a powerful, noble fighter, kind and pure and with a heart of gold. The problem was, even if Psiksi was a good fighter, would the crowds like his personality? And would they be willing to accept a very small House Fighter? Most Threan-type Rethavok were challengers, not House Fighters.

The dragon glanced at Psiksi, and his massive, cute, bright green eyes.

“Please, mister dragon!” Psiksi pleaded. “I kinda need a job… I need something to do… I will be really good at this, I swear!”

Lokmahro sighed. “How comes something with such a cold name, coming from such a harsh, cold organization, can be so happy and cheerful?”

“Because I don’t like dwelling on things, and if I’m not happy, I’ll be the same as everyone else!” Psiksi explained. “Wait, what do you mean, a cold name?”

“Psixis is a term us Thraki use for extreme colds, and when one gets ill from bad weather.”

“Oh…” Psiksi fell silent and started twiddling his thumbs.

Lokmahro went back to inspecting the current House Fighter roster. There was space for a new fighter, but the only positions available were meant for larger beings. That being said, every other Threan-type House Fighter the DBA had used, they had all been loved by the crowds.

“Very well…” Lokmahro finally sighed. “We shall give you a trial run. A week’s worth of battles. Smaller matches. After the one week, I shall re-evaluate you.”

“Really?” Psiksi blinked. “You’re giving me a chance?”




Psiksi leaped out of his chair in joy. “Thank you! When do I start?”

Lokmahro filed Psiksi’s folder into a draw in his desk, then handed Psiksi a small slip of paper. “Be at the House Fighters’ entrance tomorrow at 9am. The House Leader will get you kitted up and take you from there.”

“Thank you!” Psiksi was brimming with glee. “You won’t regret this!”

“I bloody well hope not!” Lokmahro tutted. “Now scram. I have work to do.”