Godly Names

“It’s ironic really…” Istoria muttered to herself as she lounged around, wearing nothing but her pink and black ‘universal belts’. “Arkay’s the Death God, but his name suggests a new beginning.”

Arkay wasn’t really paying attention. He was busy floating about a meter in the air, staring off into the distant mists of Kinigi. While Continuity and Istoria were almost effortlessly dealing with being Life and Birth, essentially doing everything subconsciously, Arkay found he had to occasionally stop and concentrate on things. Mainly making sure that things were actually dead and Deitics weren’t interfering. But really, all they were doing was powering and maintaining the functions of the Cycle until Kinisis returned.

“Huh, never considered that…” Continuity muttered. “After all, Arkay, or Arki or Arhin, they all translate into words like Beginning and Start…”

Arkay shook his head, returning to reality and realising the others were talking to him. “Pardon?”

“Your name means beginning!” Istoria repeated. “But you’re the God of Death, the bringer of the end.”

“That’s… just coincidence, I guess?” Arkay blinked. “That’s not why I’m called Arkay though. Doesn’t mean anything.”


“No, you don’t get it…” Arkay explained. “I’m called Arkay because technically my name is RK0019K. The reason my surname was Theanon isn’t because of either my mother or my brother, but because Ksa don’t technically have surnames. I just used the surname of my boss, who just happened to be my brother.”

Continuity and Istoria both stared at Arkay.

“You mean… your name is just an alphanumeric code?” Continuity tutted. “Wow. Your species are bastards.”

Arkay shrugged. “Yeah, kinda. Every race has a bunch of bastards though. You have to get through the bastard-iness to create decent societies.”

“But your mother…”

“Kayel changed his surname when the L-Class changed duties to match the surname of his mother and his son.”

“Oh…” Continuity didn’t really get it. What bothered him more was how Arkay referred to his parent, but that might have just been a thing in Arkay’s old species.

“You should still change your name though!” Istoria suggested. “In fact, to go with my new look, I was thinking of changing my name too! What do you all think of the name Yinis? Oh! Oh! I have some names for you too! Telos and Mesos!”

Arkay and Continuity glanced at each other. Istoria had been like this ever since Kinisis disappeared, but neither of them were brave enough to talk to Istoria about it. They both just assumed the joy and excitement was Istoria’s coping mechanism.

“They’re not bad!” Arkay finally smiled. “Do they mean something?”

“Mine means a new beginning, a new birth, the beginning of all!” Istoria loudly proclaimed, her various naked body parts bouncing around excitedly. “Your name, Telos, it means the end of things. Mesos means the middle, the average, the good bit in between two bad things…” She suddenly changed her tone though. “CONTINUITY, are you staring?”

“N-Yes. Yes I am!” Continuity snapped back. “It’s a bit hard not to stare! You have mammalian mammaries going everywhere! I may only vaguely remember my mortal existence but I am pretty sure those are attractive to me!”

Istoria glanced down, then apologised. “Fair point… You find me attractive?”

“Of course!” Continuity sighed. “I always found you amazing. You’re smart and intelligent and you’re not a horny retard like the majority of Veth these days. But you… you were always busy… And for some reason you were dating Syklos for ages…”

Istoria sighed, then elegantly walked over to Continuity, wrapping her hands around him.

“You should have said something… Mesos…”

“You were always busy, Yenis…”

The two Avatars pulled each other close, kissing each other gently. Before long, they had gone into full make-out mode, writhing about on the floor making funny noises.

“Should I leave you both to it?” Arkay asked awkwardly.

“Yeah, sure, Telos, do what you want…” the couple grinned between kisses.

With a sigh, the Avatar of Death spread his wings and disappeared into the mists of Kinigi. Something was bothering him, and he needed some time to think about it.