Junk Mail

Things hadn’t been the same at home, not with how Kohra’s room mate had been acting. Having a couple of new friends was nice, but they normally wanted to meet up in town. Understandably because Kohra’s room mate had gone from nice, quiet guy to a bit of a dick. Then again, Kohra’s room mate WAS a god of death.

Today, it had just been Kohra at home. The quiet had been nice. The tidying up not so much. For reasons unknown, there was gold everywhere, littering the floor. Possibly real gold. Kohra wasn’t sure. This seemed to happen quite a lot though, whenever Arkadin, his death god roomie, came home after a particularly bad day. Normally though Kohra wouldn’t have to clear it up.

Speaking of Arkadin, there was a knock on the door. Kohra rushed over to see who it was, but he didn’t see anything. Someone though had slipped what looked like a very chunky flyer underneath the door. Of course Kohra picked it up, but he was surprised to see that it had been addressed to Arkadin. At least, he assumed so, because he couldn’t read the writing on the note attached to the leaflet.

There was another knock on the door. That knock definitely belonged to Arkadin. Kohra rushed over again and opened the door for his room mate, who was carrying several bags of shopping.

“Hi, Arkadin.”

“Hey, Kohra. I got takeaway. Various gyro stuff. Also stopped and got some cookies.”


Arkadin looked past Kohra. “Oh. I forgot to clear up. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Why did you get takeaway?” Kohra asked again.

“Because I’ve been a dick lately.”

“That’s… kinda not your fault though. All things considered.”

“Still…” Arkadin sighed. “I shouldn’t leave mess lying around. Especially gold dust. It’s not good to inhale that sort of thing. Should have cleared up earlier.”

Kohra moved out of the way so Arkadin could put everything in the kitchen. The Death Lord didn’t seem too angry right now. Maybe he’d had an alright day? Kohra decided to test the waters and ask if he was doing alright before mentioning anything else.

“You doing alright?”

The Thantophor grunted, sitting down at the kitchen table. “Well, as you can tell from the gold everywhere, I had a bit of a nasty fight. With Kenon. Because the retard tried to capture me again.”


“Yeah. But I was expecting it. Had to briefly shed my tattered armour and skin though. I meant to clear this up but as soon as I got back here, Yisini was calling me to inspect some stupid bollocks and then I had a mass cult suicide I needed to deal with.”

Kohra blinked. “That…”

“Eh, apart from the Kenon thing, it’s been a normal day otherwise. You want the kotopol or the aggelad gyro? I got both.”

“I don’t mind, you take what you want…” Kohra paused. He’d forgotten about that mail. He was still holding it. “Uh, I got this in the mail. I think it’s for you.”

Kohra handed the leaflet to Arkadin, who had just shoved half a gyro in his mouth. After swallowing the bread and meat whole, Arkadin scanned the leaflet and the note attached to it.


“What is it?”

“Kairos has attached a note. Says that a black dragon dropped this off, asking for it to be delivered to me.”

“Yeah, but what is it?”

Arkadin read the leaflet. It wasn’t in a language Kohra understood, and from the looks of it, Arkadin was having a hard time reading it as well.

“Who the fuck uses grey text on a navy background…” Arkadin muttered under his breath. “I mean seriously…”

Kohra waited for a moment, then asked his question again. “What is it?”

“I dunno…” Arkadin finally answered. “Looks like some shitty advert for a place called Deaven. Weirdly, it’s written in the Deitic Godsong script but considering Kairos’s note, it’s probably just some dumb Thraki cult or something inviting me to see their temple.”

“You gonna go?” Kohra asked.

“Nah…” Arkadin smiled as he threw the flyer on the table. “It’s junk mail. Just got delivered to the wrong deity, probably…”