Death Doing Chores

Normally, Kohra wasn’t too bothered about having an insanely crazy room mate who was actually a deity. But today, as he watched Arkadin watch dishes in the kitchen, Kohra just couldn’t think of anything else. He’d always been one to ask questions, and right now he had the eyes and ears of the Thantophor, the … Read moreDeath Doing Chores

Forty Burgers

“You gotta stop getting me takeaway food…” Kohra muttered as he eyed a third cheeseburger. “You’re gonna make me fat…” “But I like treating you!” Arkadin smiled. If Kohra hadn’t known that Arkadin was a god, he would have assumed he was a bottomless pit, considering that the little, yellow, Skyavok-shaped being in front of … Read moreForty Burgers

Junk Mail

Things hadn’t been the same at home, not with how Kohra’s room mate had been acting. Having a couple of new friends was nice, but they normally wanted to meet up in town. Understandably because Kohra’s room mate had gone from nice, quiet guy to a bit of a dick. Then again, Kohra’s room mate … Read moreJunk Mail