Extra Sweets in the Stash

Hey, Kohra here.

Things are still weird. I still have Death Itself as a room mate.

I suppose there are far worse room mates around though. The last time I had a room mate, he stole pretty much all the candy from my secret stash. Alright, that room mate was my brother Levik and the other room mate was my brother Tahna (who would steal the candy from Levik’s stash and add it to his own whenever he visited) but still. I checked my stash this morning and found more candy in it than I had yesterday. Which is awesome

Don’t judge.

Candy stashes are important. Pretty much everyone has one. It’s like an unwritten rule that a Kronospast has to have a hidden supply of sugary sweets. Basically an emergency supply. Assuming we don’t accidentally eat our supplies. Or have them stolen by bitchy brothers.

But yeah. There were more sweets in my stash. And a packet of potato crisps. I can eat crisps, but they’re not the healthiest thing for me. I much prefer sweetened pork scratchings. It’s the fat and sugar we want. Considering I’m the only person with a key though, it’s clear who put the extra things there.

Thing is, I do have a spare key to the apartment, but I don’t think Arkadin needs it. He seems to just pop in and out of existence as needed. The first time I saw him, he knocked on the door and asked to come in, but now that our deal is, uh, sealed, he comes and goes as he pleases.

Somehow, there’s not even much trace that he’s even around either. I can’t tell whether he is in the apartment, not in the apartment, in bed or even on our plane of existence because he doesn’t leave a trail. There’s no footprints or hand prints or anything.

Not even in his own room.

I said he could have the spare room. It has a bed and some shelves in it but nothing else. I don’t use the room so I don’t see a reason to have any more furniture there. But I’ve… not seen the Thantophor even go in there. I think he put his little suitcase in there but apart from that, it’s untouched.

Like, why is he staying with me if he’s not… even here?

And when he is here, he spends his time staring out the window. The big window that overlooks most of the city. Normally he’s only here at night though so he’s just looking at blackness and spotted lights. I don’t even know if he’s even looking at things. It’s almost like he’s in a trance.

You know what? I should be discussing these things with him. Ask him what’s going on.

Yes, I know I said that already. But I have to talk to him like a normal being. He treats me normally, I need to treat him normally. That’s what he wants. He wants to be normal, he wants to be mortal.

Maybe, if I treat him the way he wants, maybe he’ll sort himself out and stop acting like a ghost. And maybe he’ll settle down. Then maybe he’ll get bored. Then maybe he’ll go back to being the Thantophor when he realises being normal isn’t fun.



I need to check and see if deaths have gone up or gone down since he’s been here.

Maybe playing host to the Thantophor is distracting him from his deathly duties.

Maybe I’m onto something…