Goddessy Stargazing

Kairos and Arkadin laid on the silver grass, gazing up at the universe above them. In the distance, Epani could be seen prancing around the stars, playing inside a nebula. By their side was a blanket with a large spread of food, a picnic made with the gods’ insatiable appetites in mind. Unusually, the Allbirther was absent.

“This is nice.”


Arkadin rolled over and helped himself to a large slice of cake. It took him several attempts though, as he hadn’t gotten used to the size of his more feminine hips yet. In fact, Arkadin wasn’t used to the feminine form at all. He had already fallen over a couple of times and was now insisting on hovering instead of walking.

Kairos looked over at Arkadin. He smiled a little. He wouldn’t have ever admitted it out loud but he really liked the fact that Arkadin had embraced the Temthan-Thantaic form. He had never liked Arkadin’s Panvok body.

“You’re looking at me weird…”

The Whenvern blinked. “Uh…”

“Seriously, you’re staring.”

Kairos shook his head. “Sorry, but I can’t help it. You look really, really nice. Like an elegant, beautiful death goddess.”

Arkadin tilted his head to one side. “Really?”

“Yes. You are beautiful. Wonderful. Magnificent. You are absolutely stunning. I have never seen you so pretty before…”

The Thantophor backed away slowly, taking his cake with him. “Uhm…”


“You’re being creepy. Like, really creepy. I’m your brother. Or your sister. Whatever.”

“I’m just saying how beautiful you are. Doesn’t have to be anything behind it.”

Arkadin sighed as he sat up straight. He thought over his last few sentences, then sighed again.

“Is something bothering you?” Kairos asked.

“Aside from the fact that you are now acting way nicer now I am female… I don’t know whether to go fully fledged female or if I am just calling myself female or what I am doing.”

“Well, what do you want to do?”

Arkadin shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Do you like being female?”

“I’m not really female. At all.”

“You mean you didn’t change the plumbing?” Kairos gasped. “You…”

“I hate the fact that this is now everyone’s business…” Arkadin tutted.

“Still, wasn’t that part of the contract though?” Kairos asked, reaching for a glass of cola. “Didn’t you have to become female?”

“Feminine. Temthaic feminine, not Panvok feminine. Because I was already technically feminine beforehand anyway.”

“You weren’t.”

“By Rethan standards, I was!”

Kairos shrugged. “I guess. But still, you do look stunning.”

Arkadin grunted again. “Not according to Elkay…”

The Whenvern suddenly sat up and pointed angrily at Arkadin. “That’s why you are so damn pissed off! Your girlfriend doesn’t like the way you look so you’re all pissy! You should have fucked her years ago!”

“That’s just… Ugh…” Arkadin rubbed his face. “Why did you have to bring that up?”

“Because it’s pissing you off!”

“And I was getting over it! But here you are, scratching at recently scabbed cuts!”

“… Sorry… But still…”

“Just drop it…” Arkadin sighed. “Is there any more cake?”

Kairos grinned. “For you? Always…”