Tale – A Worrying Suggestion

I’ve been busy lately. Been doing two things. The first part involves a lot of calming sex between me and Death. She wants me, so why not? She always asks me politely, which is more than I can say for other Veth. She just takes them. The other thing though, it’s been me working in my lab.

You see, I’ve been working on something special. A lot of special things.

The first thing is that I’ve been working on the biology of me and other Veth. Veth are actually all rather weird and random. Based on their original species but with specific characteristics. The majority of them are lower versions – I’m a V8 Veth, the Veth Prime is V7, many other Veth are V5 and 6 and a handful are V4. One of my current projects is designing blueprints for a version 9 for the far future, while working out my own kinks and issues.

But the problem is that you can’t upgrade Veth naturally. It requires absorbing and reabsorbing and a load of Death-based nonsense that I don’t get. So I’m working on something that allows Veth to upgrade naturally over the course of time. It’s… interesting to say the least.

Well, that was what I was working on until a buddy interrupted. I hadn’t seen Arkay socially in ages. Every time I’d see him, he’d rush by, on his way to fulfil some new demand Death had thrown at him. Of course, this made him grumpy. Then again, Arkay was always grumpy.

But today (I assume it was today – there’s no real sense of time around here), Arkay seemed… I don’t know. Annoyed but wanting to talk to me. He rarely even stop for chats. Yet here he was.

So he started explaining things to me. How Death was attacking the other Veth. How she was trying to create cults, even though every being was supposed to be treated equally (apart from Veth clearly). How, because Death was acting poorly, the whole ‘cycle’ wasn’t working, and new stars and the like weren’t being created. How she was all round just not acting right.

The thing that bothered me most though was when he started explaining about the Corruption. Apparently, while I was busy being incubated, something had come along and destroyed the universe. Clearly the universe is still here and they managed to save everything, but something happened to Kinisis (the whole thing, Life, Death and Rebirth and not just Death) and now she’s doing all these weird things.

The issue was that the other Veth can’t get Death to stand still for ten minutes so they can explain what’s wrong. She just gets angry and aggressive and attacks them. Probably because she’s, what, a six-dimensional being and we’re all just four-dimensional beings or something like that. Either way, Kinisis was damaged and we needed to fix her.

Or rather, I need to fix her. From what Arkay said, none of the other Veth can get close enough to even attempt to make things better.

So here’s the plan. Next time I sleep with Death, I’ve got to somehow drug her. Once she’s subdued, we can get to work putting her back together.

Insane, right?

Well, good thing I’m already dead. What worse could happen?