Tale – Confused Veth

“I think we need to reset…” Syklos said for the seventh time that evening.

“We can’t do a reset now,” Continuity repeated for the eighth time. “We just can’t. Not now. Not after a corruption. We could accidentally get ourselves infected again. And there is no way we can get the permissions needed to do a restart.”

Syklos growled, then started at Istoria, who was writing things down. “You’ve been quiet.”

“I’m thinking.” Istoria didn’t say anything else. She didn’t even look up. Just continued scribbling.

Syklos went back to scowling and growling, trying to think of anything to fix their current situation. Death had lost her mind. She had been grumpy and dismissive and had been attacking her Veth for anything and everything, She had developed a cult-like behaviour and that was terrifying the older, more knowledgable Veth.

“What if we got Arkay to do something?” Syklos finally spoke. “I mean, I hate the little cunt and don’t think he’s worthy of his position, even if he did manage to save part of the universe… but can’t he call for a reset?”

Istoria looked up, tutted, then returned to her work. Continuity looked up and sighed. “I asked Arkay. He wants to help. But because he’s more… tied into Death than we are… Well, to put it lightly, he has been locking himself inside one of the weapon sheds because he keeps having fits of destructive rage, brought on because Kinisis is constantly fucking with him. Thankfully, Arkay at least is trying to minimize his damage…”

“But can’t he call for a reset?” Skylos repeated himself. “He’s basically one down from Kinisis herself!”

“Only Kinisis, Stasis and Kairos can together do a reset,” Istoria interrupted. “Has to be unanimous. No one else can. No exceptions.”

Syklos glanced at Istoria, but she was already writing again. Before he could say anything, a knock on the door distracted them all.

“Come in!” Continuity tried to shout cheerfully.

The door creaked open. Arkay stood in the doorway, holding a large tub of ice cream. He plodded in and dumped it in front of Syklos.

“I both love and hate my job…” the Veth Prime sighed. “Killing evildoers is so much fun… but knowing that it’s for Kinisis and her desire to build a death cult pisses me off…”

Syklos eyed the tub of ice cream. It was something he rarely got to see, let alone eat. Arkay threw a spoon at him, then turned to Continuity.

“Any ideas on how to fix shit?” Arkay asked.

“Not really…” Continuity picked up a book and started flicking through pages. “I mean, really, we’re all at her beck and call. Not much we can do at all.”

“WHAT ABOUT THE NEW GUY?” Syklos suddenly shouted, his face covered in ice cream.

“What about Iatre?” Arkay and Continuity both blinked.

“He can fix shit!”

Continuity shrugged, then turned to Istoria, who had taken the pause to snag a small spoon of ice cream for herself.

“Could we get him to do anything?”

“I dunno. How is Death when Iatre is around?”

Everyone turned to Arkay, who was still blinking in confusion.

“Uh… He… She… They… like each other very much?”

“How much?” Continuity asked.

“A lot?”

“Do they fuck a lot?” Syklos asked.

“I… I don’t know! I’m not Iatre! I just got back from buying ice cream and painting a town hall with the blood of a serial rapist, how am I supposed to know if Death likes screwing Iatre or not?”

Arkay grunted and angrily crossed his arms. Continuity looked at Istoria and Syklos, the frown fading from his face.

“If we can get Iatre on our side, then maybe we can convince him to help us…” Continuity grinned.

“And I suppose you want me to go and get him?” Arkay growled as he stood up, everyone else nodding with glee. “Of course you do. You’d think that, being the highest ranking Veth around, one wouldn’t have to be everyone’s damn lackey…”

The Veth Prime stomped out, slamming the door shut behind him.

“What’s up with him?” Istoria asked.

“Dunno,” Syklos shrugged. “This is damn good ice cream though.”