Tale – A Stupid Plan in Action

“Wow, you somehow managed to do it…” Istoria blinked as Iatre opened the bedroom door. On the bed was Death, snoring loudly and drooling all over the place, completely naked. She didn’t even have her normal pointless black tentacle wraps on.

“Well, you asked me to!” Iatre smiled. “Was rather simple, actually. Took me a few hours to work out the best way to actually drug her, but once I worked it out, it was… well, it was a pleasure.”

Behind Istoria, Arkay, Continuity and Syklos were dragging some large, medieval-looking machine up the stairs. Istoria and Iatre moved out of the way so they could push it inside.

“What is that?” Iatre asked.

“I’ll be fucked if I know!” Arkay growled. “Actually, if this thing, whatever the fuck this thing is, doesn’t work, we’ll all be fucked anyway.”

“We won’t be fucked, kid,” Continuity smiled.

“Yeah we will.” Clearly the Veth Prime had very little faith in what was going on.

Iatre in the mean time decided to step back and let the older Veth do their job. Really, he was quite pleased with his trickery, more than he wished to admit. It wasn’t every day that he got to not only get fucked by Death, but also fuck her back. She’d never let him do that before. Still, he had no idea what the other Veth were planning, so standing back and keeping out of the way was a good idea.

Syklos shunted the machine so it was at the end of the bed, while Continuity fiddled with a smaller device in his hand. The machine looked positively ancient. Not medieval like he originally thought. Something made out of wood, metal and crystals. Eventually, Continuity worked out what he was doing and smacked the side of the smaller device, which caused the machine to open up and hover above Death. Death was still fast asleep.

“What’s going on?” Iatre whispered to Arkay. He would have asked Istoria but she was busy scribbling away as always.

“No idea. Those two think that machine will fix Kinisis. They think it will work. I doubt them but I don’t have any decent ideas of my own.”

The machine started to power up, and a bright, white light flooded the room. Everything was bathed in a cool glow, a weird cross between light and mist. It moved around on its own, circling the unconscious deity. As it moved, it began to spin around, faster and faster, swirling up into a powerful tornado of light and energy.

“This is weird…” Arkay muttered.

“I got a bad feeling about this…” Iatre smiled weakly, before frowning because no one understood what he was referencing.

The energy tornado started to change colour. There was a hint of green and purple in the mist.

Suddenly, the light vanished. The machine was gone. All that was left was a purple, green and silver crystal, lodged between Death’s large breasts.

The mist had been replaced with a long, awkward silence. Death’s eyes slowly flickered open. The five Veth stood back, giving her some space to work out what was going on.

“What happened?”

Immediately, Continuity started blabbering. “We had no choice, Kinisis. You were breaking your own rules. That’s what you said this device was for. Something to get you back on track!”

Death ignored Continuity and dislodged the gem. She stared at it, an upset look on her face.

“I wasn’t clean?”

Continuity glanced at the others, then back at Death. “Uh, no.”

After some more thought, Death tutted to herself. “I have a feeling you didn’t quite do it right.”

With a snap of her fingers, four of the five Veth disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Oh well, I could do with some peace and quiet around here…” Death smiled as she grabbed Istoria by the throat and dragged her downstairs. “And maybe a little bit of rebuilding. Moving things around. Making some much needed changes. That’ll be good…”