More Serpentine Issues

Yisini frowned to herself as she worked. Something had cropped up, interrupting her normal duties. A little plague. Not a dangerous one, just an annoyingly contagious one. One that was irritatingly asymptomatic for too damn long. Luckily she was getting it under control, mostly by convincing everyone to stay inside and watch television.

“Yisini, am I bothering you?”

The Allbirther grunted, turning to see who was talking. The smile returned to her face though as she spotted Epani hovering above her, circling this planet’s moon.

“I always have time for you!” Yisini beamed. “What’s up? Aside from the sky?”

Epani blinked, not understanding Yisini’s joke. “I need to talk to you about universal limits. You are trying to break them.”

“What? No!” Yisini exclaimed. “I am doing no such thing! What are you talking about?”

“The walls that make up the barrier between this universe and the space between. The walls are being stretched. The universe is growing not but not by my hand. I believe someone else is doing it.”

“I am telling you, now and truthfully, it is not me!” Yisini immediately and defensively exclaimed. “I am not doing anything! I have been busy fucking doing stuff! Actually, I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to fuck. No time.”

Epani edged closer, towards the planet, eyeing Yisini suspiciously. “Are you sure?”

“Bitch, please! Between this pandemic and Kenon being out of commission and Kinisis being weird, I don’t have time to fuck around with making the universe smaller or whatever.”

“The universe is getting bigger.”

“It is?”


Yisini blinked. “Why?”

“I do not know.”

The Allbirther shrugged. “Seriously, sis, I don’t know what you’re on about. I haven’t been fucking with any universe stuff. I don’t have time…”

“You haven’t?” Epani asked.

“No! That’s what I’ve been saying!” Yisini tutted. “It’s probably…” The Allbirther paused. “I was about to say that it was Arkadin doing… this universe wall breaking thingy. But Arkadin isn’t around to be able to do things like that… And it ain’t Kenon either because Kenon is kinda out of commission… Could Kairos do it?”

Epani grunted. “Kairos has no such power. The only other person who could is… Kinisis herself.”

“But why?”

Epani flapped her fins, unsure herself. Yisini shrugged, then went back to work. She was now busy experimenting on a few vaccinations. None of them had been successful so far. With a tut, Yisini paused the vaccination stuff and went back to arranging quarantines for the genera public, whistling to herself. This race was just a small one, but she didn’t want them wiped out so quickly. After all, she found this little species of snake creatures rather adorable.

“Do you really think Kinisis could be doing these strange actions?” Epani quietly asked, yet again interrupting Yisini’s work. “I mean, I see no reason why she should.”

“I dunno…” Yisini shrugged some more. “Mum’s a strange being. She’s got all sorts on her mind.”

“Do you think we need to go and confront her about it? Ask her what is going on?”

Yisini stared down at the race of beings she was dealing with, then tutted. She clearly wasn’t getting anything done right now. “I mean…I guess? Can’t hurt to ask!”

“Should we bring Kairos?”


Epani smiled with relief. “Alright. I shall arrange a meeting. Have a good one, sister.”

The Allbirther waved to the Panelix as she floated off. “Sure, see ya!”