Potential Godhood

“I assume she met with you as well.”

Compared to the rest to the rest of the cafe, which had been empty for hours, this one table was very cramped. Not because it had too many beings around it, but because one of those beings was a Banikan, taking up too much space.

“Yes. She even called Teekay here one of us.”


“She spoke to us all!” Atteh’Kus spat his words, clearly hiding his anger. Being a Banikan, Atteh’Kus hated almost everything to do with the Goddess of Life. Mainly for religious reasons. The idea that the deity Atteh’Kus worshipped was apparently dead had put him on edge for a while, and that anger was beginning to sneak through. “The monster may be fooling us!”

Everyone else around the table remained rather calm. Elkay, the heavily armoured but oddly short Rethavok, seemed the calmest out of the bunch, having met the Allbirther multiple times in the past and having survived her… challenges. Teekay, a Skyavok who was nearly as well armoured as Elkay was, clearly looked out of his depth but was remaining steadfast. Phovos though was more confused than anything else. That confusion showed on her shape-shifting body, as scales and fur seemed to intertwine beneath her leather armour and common clothes.

The last being though, a Vrekan in a black robe and hood, simply grunted.

“I don’t think so…” Vexer frowned. “Why’d she come now? To all of us? Don’t make much sense.”

“Why would she come at any other time?” Elkay asked. “She did not truly know of our existences. Now she does, she is making sure to set things straight. In her own, strange way.”

“She wants us to be… demigods though…” Phovos interrupted. “It’s nothing to do with whatever vendetta Atteh’Kus has with the Allbirther; it’s not related to the bullshit that happened with Elkay last year on Vreka 1. She’s genuinely worried about something far bigger than that. The Allbirther was talking about the far future…”

Phovos paused, then eyed Teekay. Teekay fidgeted slightly, not really certain what to think.

“Since when were you a Kiniseon being anyway? Why did I not detect you?”


“Because Elkay covered his scent!” Atteh’Kus grumbled, scooting forward. “Elkay is already god-touched. Teekay is not.”

“Actually… that’s not true…” Teekay muttered. “I have had run-ins with the Thantophor in the past.”

“But that doesn’t explain why I didn’t notice you at all…”

“Maybe Elkay just smells too much!” Atteh’Kus grunted some more. “Big, smelly Rethan. Smelly Rethan, hides the smell of much smaller, insignificant Skyan.”

Elkay clearly wasn’t appreciating this conversation. “Perhaps, the same way I was not detected as a Kiniseon being until recently, the same applies to Teekay?”

“Maybe you impregn-”

“Atteh’Kus…” Elkay immediately scowled, raising a clawed finger. “I have been incredibly patient with you. Please do not push me any further. And keep in mind that your physical strength means nothing to a being capable of crushing things with his mind.”

“We always use protection anyway…” Teekay muttered under his breath. “But this does explain a few things, at least for me. The question is, do we accept Yisini’s offer when she comes back and asks to make us all demigods? Because being a demigod sounds fucking mind-blowing… but I don’t know if I want to… serve the Allbirther forever.”

Everyone around the table sighed, not really sure how to answer. They all knew Teekay was right: the power was tempting, but they would never truly be free, would they? And they all knew how… dangerous it was, being tied to deities like the Allbirther.

“What the heck are we doing?” Elkay tutted, disturbing the silence. “It may mean servitude, but we just got offered godhood. It would be… wrong to turn that down. Just imagine how much good we could do!”

“But we might be slaves to Yisini for all eternity…” Phovos shuddered.

“We do not know for sure!” Elkay exclaimed, standing up somewhat proudly. “But what would you rather be? Piddling mortals living short, mortal lives? Or bloody demigods? Imagine the power we could have! Not to mention the immortality!”

Teekay and Atteh’Kus both nodded in agreement, but Phovos and Vexer weren’t so sure.

“It’s too soon to know what will happen…” Phovos finally sighed. “In the mean time, I suggest we just play things by ear and keep our heads down. After all, if Yisini is interested in us, then the other gods might be too…”