Default currency is the Evra, founded by the Vohra. Retha Lires and Thrope Dollars are also occasionally used. Many races also trade goods for goods.

All races produce enough food to comfortably feed the majority of their populations with basic meals, although exotic foods make for lucrative trades between the richer species.

Energy is derived on the nearest source. The Retha use solar power combined with super conductor batteries, allowing them to export energy to other species. The Thropes and Vreka use a combination of nuclear and fossil fuels. Vohra use geothermal energy derived from lava flows beneath their underground cities. Cassid technology has advanced to the point where they have almost perpetual motion using magnetic fields, which in turn keeps Cassid cities powered. The run-offs of this power are handed to the Thanatians and Banikans for their own smaller settlements.

Most materials are taken from barren planets or meteors and occasionally colonized planets, although most worlds with sentient life are mined as little as possible to preserve the delicate ecosystems. Homeworld planets are generally only used for growing food and materials as well as building cities on. Planets that are going to be mined need to be surveyed by three separate races before mining can take place. The job is often left to the Retha races, who specialize in mining and extraction. Organic animal/plant materials are generally grown on Vohran, Bayvak and Cassid territories.

Employment varies between species, with the hive societies of the Vohra and Bayvak having no unemployment at all, while the community military society of the Retha keeps unemployment low by enlisting unemployed civilians in their standing army. The capitalist societies of the Cassids, Thropes and Vreka struggle with unemployment during economic depressions. The Thanatoforic races don’t have permanent jobs, simply working as they need to.