Tale – Lying Away

KL0135L is now online.

DL0139L is no longer away.

DL0139L: You’re finally online. We need to talk.

KL0135L: What’s wrong?

DL0139L: Ksiel’s in hospital.

DL0139L: Attempted suicide.


DL0139L: Said he was going to visit Veeyel. Got a call from Zitel about an hour ago. I didn’t know any other way of getting in touch with you.

KL0135L: I’m sorry.

DL0139L: Not your fault. So glad you came online. Worst case scenario would have contacted your kids.

KL0135L: What the hell happened? I spoke to him a few days ago! He’s got family…

DL0139L: Ksiel’s the best fucking liar on the planet. Jeniar left him last month. Wasn’t even his kid. Step-father. Claimed Ksiel couldn’t take care any more. Because we lost our jobs. He lost visitation rights yesterday.

KL0135L: I had no idea.

DL1039L: No one did. He lied. All the time. He wanted to be normal. This was his chance. It failed.

ZL0141L is now online.

ZL014L: Shit Kayel you’re around. Thank fuck, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to tell you. I just got back from visiting him. He’s stable. I told everyone else already. Ayel insisted that he stay by Ksiel’s side and I think Efel will too.

KL0135L: I don’t think I can get to Threa until Monday.

ZL0141L: Can you get here though?

KL0135L: I can. There’s no available flights right now though. I’ve been looking. First flight I can get is Monday at 1am, to arrive at 1pm. Plus an hour to get to Thre-Sypria since there’s no direct flights.

ZL0141L: It’s the hospital Veeyel’s staying at. The ED though, which is the opposite end of the building.

AL0130L is now online.

AL0130L: Quick message. Ksiel’s stable. On stomach pump now. Staying the night with him. Don’t know how long he’ll be here. See you soon.

AL0130L is now offline.

DL0139L: Thank the light. Guess he didn’t have time.

KL0135L: Shit, stomach pumps are NOT fun. I assume he tried to kill himself with drugs then?

DL0139L: I don’t think we’ll know the truth. Ksiel lies a lot. Could be lying about this. Could have asked Ayel to lie.

ZL0141L: I doubt it. Ayel normally sees through that crap. If it was worse, he’d tell us. He’d tell us as soon as possible if something was wrong.

KL0135L: Damn. There’s a direct flight to Thre-Sypria but it takes off in two hours and costs two thousand Evra. I don’t have that available to me right now. Don’t think I could even get to the airport in time.

ZL0141L: Don’t worry about it, Kayel. Just get here on Monday. No point bankrupting yourself. You know Ksiel would hate it if we did that. And worst case scenario, I’m pretty sure the HG would help.

KL0135L: I guess. I’m just angry. I was considering staying a few extra days on Threa and changed my mind, flew back normal time and suddenly this happens.

DL0139L: Ayel said he was stable. Do not worry. You worry, you only hurt yourself. Make things worse. You know better.

KL0135L: Sorry. This is just… How long has he been lying?

DL0139L: You were the one who left us. You fell out of the loop.

ZL0141L: Can we please not fucking do this now? Yes, Kayel’s a broken cunt bag who abandoned us and has royally fucked up his own life but he’s trying to fix himself and this really isn’t helping matters.

KL0135L: He’s right though.

ZL0141L: Maybe, but that’s not the point! You’re legally dead. Things happened to you that were out of your control. Okay, you could have come back or something, but shit happened and we’re adults and we should get over ourselves.

KL0135L: He’s still right though.

ZL0141L: Oh for fuck’s sake, don’t do this now. You want to do this? Wait until Ksiel’s better.

KL0135L: Alright.

KL0135L: I’m coming on Monday. Even if he’s better by then, I’ll be there.

ZL0141L: You can bunk at my place. If not, Thiel said he’s got a sofa you can sleep on.

KL0135L: Thanks. I’d better sort these flights out. I’ll be back on chat in a few hours.

ZL0135L: Look after yourself.

DL0139L: Bye.

KL0135L: See you Monday.

KL0135L is now offline.

DL0139L: I am right.

ZL0141L: He knows. He knows he’s a fucked up disgrace of a Ksa. He’s been trying to fix things.

ZL0141L: I’m going to call around, make sure everyone’s alright. I’ll see you later.

DL0139L: Okay. Will see you later too.

DL0139Lis now offline.

ZL0141L is now offline.