Zia Finished Map

Zia is the third planet in the Nexus system, an oceanic planet covered in water and scattered with large islands, most of which were created by volcanic eruptions eons ago. It has a rich atmosphere, composing of 40% oxygen, 20% nitrogen, 10% neon, 5% helium, 1% carbon dioxide and the rest being other various gasses. Because of the very low amounts of nitrogen, Panvok species can’t properly survive on Zia.

The islands of Zia are pleasant and tropical, often covered in leafy trees. Further south, the trees are mostly conifers, while islands up north are covered in tall, broad leaf trees. Larger islands also have huge grassy plains, kept clear by either farrow Cassid farmland, or herds of Aggelads and other Zoan.

The ocean of Zia are often hazardous. While they are filled with huge amounts of aquatic life, the Unending Ocean is incredibly deep in many places, and large ‘Fidans’, serpentine monsters, live under the water. Fidans avoid land, but are known to attach boats if their territories run dry.

In the colder months of the year, the Unending Ocean freezes along the poles, allowing beings to travel across the ice to new islands in the south. In the north, the ice never reaches Spitocasi, due to Cassid polution and winter eruptions from Firespit Peak, but the Hunting grounds almost always freeze over.

The planet is mostly controlled by Cassids, Thanatians and Banikans, but was originally controlled only by Banikans, until Deitics destroyed much of their society. The latter grow to much larger sizes than normal due to the extra oxygen in the air.

There are two cities called Lioionia. The city further up north belongs to the Cassids, and is named after the Banikan-controlled city Lioionia, which the Cassids failed to recapture after the Great Deitic War. Lioionia, often called Banikania or Lioionia 2 in mockery by the Cassids, is one of the few remaining Banikan cities in existence. The city was captured by a great freeze that extended incredibly far north, immobilizing Cassid ships and allowing the Banikans to capture the city on foot.

Banikans in general on Zia are friendlier than most, and live more advanced lives, building and adapting their own technology. They live peacefully with the many Kshan Thanatians that are scattered across the smaller islands.

There are several active volcanoes on Zia, and the land around these is often uninhabited apart from microorganisms.