Blythia Finished Map

Blythia is the fourth and last planet of the Nexus system. It is a rocky, mountainous world surrounded by a cold, icy ocean. The single continent is kept warm via underground volcanic activity, as well as sulfur vents around the coast of Dovenarzul and the Darkem Plains, although surface activity is incredibly rare.

The atmosphere is heavy, with large amounts of sulfur and carbon dioxide, but becomes more breathable the higher up one is.

The Atelan Ocean is mostly filled with swarms of aquatic creatures which feed off plants and sunlight. There are few large creatures in the ocean, due to low amounts of oxygen in the water, making them unable to chase down prey. Instead, most predators are scavengers, following the swarms of plant-eaters and picking off the old and weak. Most Atelan predators rarely reach sizes larger than 3 meters.

Dovenarzul is the biggest territory, consisting of small rivers, the occasional miniature glacier, mountain beasts and many, many Thraki. Thraki are known for thriving in mountainous areas, and Dovenarzul is the perfect habitat for them. Many Thraki have their own individual peaks, which they claim as their own territory and defend fiercely, especially from non-Thanatian beings.

The capital city of Blyth is an ancient territory, originally built by Vrekans around 6,000 years ago. It is now a mostly neutral territory, which trades in fossil and hydro fuels taken from the South Atelan Ocean. Blyth is the main access to the planet, although there are minor teleportation systems in Juliasum and Bani Point as well. It is one of the few locations on Blythia capable of supporting agriculture, and grows basic crops, particularly root vegetables. The Darkem Plains are used for herding Zoan for milk and meat, but are only really accessed by Thanatians, due to requiring passage through Dovenarzul.

Up north is a small Banikan territory. While most of the area is empty, rocky terrain with few animals and even less vegitation, Bani Point is a small fishing town that houses the majority of the Banikan population. The rough seas and high winds make survival tough, but the warm-blooded Banikans seem to thrive anyway. When not fishing, the local Banikans hunt flightless sea birds and anything else that washes up along the beaches.

The southern part of Blythia is considered off-limits by most species, due to the huge number of Varga in the area. They are sent down via self-propelled wooden boats from the Vohran nest Letympi, which mostly acts as a processing plant for unwanted or older Varga. The Varga population is close to 75,000, with numbers believed to be rising due to the removal of Varga from other abandoned territories.

To protect the Cassid and otherwise neutral territories, the Anti Vargan wall was constructed, keeping out 90% of all Varga. Those who do manage to climb pass the walls find themselves in dangerous, cold conditions and often leave on their own.