Kolasi Finished Map

Kolasi is the first planet of the Nexus system, a wet, hostile world with high levels of nitrogen and oxygen, as well as methane. It is a planet covered in long, snaking rivers and marshlands that often double back on themselves. There are several large seas but no oceans. Almost all water on Kolasi is fresh, apart from the Solemn Sea.

Like Portalia, Kolasi has a wet season and a dry season, but the wet season is much wetter, composing of most of the year. The dry season has little rain, but due to how wet the rest of the year is, it does little to affect the environment.

The only area that isn’t wet and boggy is Agnosia, a bare, rocky, hilly region with few resources and almost no plants or animals. There is some life at the peak of the Lanexartisia Mountains, which over the last few millenia, have been reclaimed as Lanex territory and are dotted with small homes and temples.

Much of Kolasi is rough, boggy terrain, separated by large mountain ranges and watery plains of reeds. The best areas where plants can be grown are Central Kolasi, where the ground is dryer, the banks of the Hamen River, which flood every year depositing rich silt, and the lands around the Disi Lakes.

The capital of Kolasi is Kolasia City, a low but sprawling city, protected by the Koloshan River. It is a neutral territory where members of all races, including Thropes and Lanex, mingle with one another. The city is best known for its night life, particularly loud parties and large fields of sugar, which are responsible for some of the sweetest foodstuffs in the Phoviverse.

The only way to access Kolasi is via Vrenia, the only city on Kolasi with space landing areas and teleportation systems, as well as a huge transport rental system, hiring hovercraft out to locals and visitors alike. Vrenia also offers the safest route to Agnosia, as, despite Kolasia City’s closeness to the lost lands, the longer journey from Vrenia can be done via hovercraft only.

As agreed after the Great Deitic War, Kolasi was split into territories among each race, but many of these territories have shrunk over the years, only controlling central areas and agricultural lands, or exchanging their lands for better territories elsewhere. Only the Retha have maintained what was originally the smallest territory, using much of it for the plantation of hemp and other hardy plants, as well as building large arrays of wind and hydro power stations along their parts of the Hamen River.

There are also many Deitic artifacts scattered around Kolasi, particularly the Anexartitan Graveyard, and the Tombs of the Old Gods, where Lord Agnosis of the Anexartitai was buried after the Great Deitic War.