Zoan is a collective term for any being that’s not a sentient, intelligent race with its own structured society, laws and complex language.

Aggelads – Cow-like beings that provide meat, milk and leather to almost every mortal race.

Gaidourans – Large, armoured equine beings used as mounts by the Vreka and Vohra.

Alogar – Reptilian horses-like animals that provide meat and leather and are used as mounts by the Retha

Chaosodonts – Incredibly large, vicious reptilian herbivores that live in herds and patrol the edges of Thanatian territory.

Kratata – Small worm-like creatures with a tendency to try and latch onto the back of one’s neck. Are often tamed, bred and kept as pets, or kept for meat and eggs.

Squidgees – Huge amoeba-like beings that take the shape of lizards, always found along natural sources of water. Their fast breeding makes them ideal for fast food.

Stingyans – Gentle two-legged beings kept as pets by the Cassids or bred, hunted and eaten by Banikans.