News Report on the Explosion at the Rethan Council

Breaking news coming from the Rethan Central Stratos Buildings in Thre-Vretania, planet Threa! An explosion has devastated the communal and media areas, leaving ten dead and many, many more injured, including several high-ranking Rethans and one of our own camera crews. Details are incredibly sketchy right now as Rethan soldiers are forcing us away from the scene.

The explosion occurred moments before a standard press meeting, with the High General and the Vice General both having apparently conflicting statements on the Kalsa Warrior rebellion on Kolasi. As the Vice General was about to start the meeting, an explosion above caused the ground to shake, being felt up to 200m away. The explosion caused the building’s foundations to give way, dropping debris on the beings in the press room.

The majority of the ten dead, whose names have not been revealed for privacy reasons, were all killed in the initial explosion, with twenty others critically injured from the explosion itself. Three others, all of whom were temporary body guards to the High General, were crushed by debris. Many of the injured have wounds related to debris falling on them, and there are thought to be up to twenty more beings trapped inside the remains of the building. Fourteen people are currently critically injured and are being treated in the nearest facility.

According to a report that has just come in, the Vice General, Elkay Theanon, has just been pulled from the rubble. He is in critical condition and is being taken to a nearby hospital as we speak, suffering from multiple broken bones as well as a concussion. His status is said to be “worrying”, but with no mention as to why.

The High General is apparently relatively unarmed, with eye witnesses stating that he only suffered a few cuts and grazes, having headed outside for “a breath of fresh air” several minutes before the explosion. He wasn’t due back inside for another ten minutes while Vice General Elkay briefed the press.

No beings have come forward, claiming responsibility for this explosion, but Rethans on the scene quickly tried to extinguish rumours that the attack was related to any recent events. Despite this, there are still many who believe that this attack was caused by Kalsa Warriors, although others disagree, suggesting that perhaps Vohran Queens were responsible, due to a recent poll that claimed most Rethans supported the Kalsa Warrior rebellion. Rethan authorities have not made any announcements, apart from the fact that they are looking into it, and are putting the health and safety of those affected by the explosion before anything else.

The explosion has happened just a week after High General Photeianos announced that all apogen Ksa, Threan-type Retha typically used as body guards for high ranking generals, were to be held for ‘protection reasons’ due to the Kalsa Warrior rebellion. The incident has caused huge amounts of worry among the Rethan Council, with concerns that Photeianos is unfit to rule and fears that a second attack may leave the race leaderless.

We’ll be announcing more news as we get it. Thanks for tuning in.