Early News Report on the Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

This is News Cassia 24, and we’re coming to you live from Vohran territories on Kolasi, where the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia nest have rebelled against their Queen. Details are sketchy so far, but as far as we can tell, the queen of the nest, known as Tayra, has been attacked and is being held prisoner within her own nest.

According to an unnamed source, the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia nest turned on their queen when she forcefully injected growth hormones into one of their group leaders, causing him to undergo the painful transformation into a Varga. The Kalsa Warrior in question, the nest’s External Communicator Talok TLK92, also known as the leader of Group A-L, one of the three regiments in the nest, was considered by many, including normal Vohra, to be one of the most popular Warriors in the nest, someone who had only one punishment on record. The reason behind Queen Tayra’s seemingly random punishment is unknown, but sparse details released by the rebelling Warriors claim that she had ‘become bored’ with her current Varga and wanted change.

The rebellion is currently being lead by new Group A-L leader Korak KRK19, as well as Nuvak NVK13 and Avrak AVK75, leaders of Groups A-K and A-M respectively. They have released three statements so far, the first of which claimed that Queen Tayra would be released unharmed, in exchange for the nest’s continued existence under the Kalsa Warriors’ control. When this deal was rejected, a second statement was released, announcing that if they did not comply, they would televise, live, Queen Tayra’s execution. Their third statement, released ten minutes ago, called to Kalsa Warriors of other nests to rebel.

Queen Melsa, of the Kalitha nest of Portalia, arrived an hour ago, alongside four regiments of Kalsa Warriors, in order to try and talk with the rebelling Warriors. Unfortunately, talks have been unsuccessful, and the Kolasia nest remains sealed, with no one coming in or out. Melsa and her Vohran assistants have returned to Kolasia City in order to discuss with other Queens what to do.

Currently, apart from the Queen herself, there is no evidence of any bloodshed. Security footage from the Queen’s chambers ten minutes after the attack, that was released alongside their first statement, shows that all normal Vohra were sent back to their sleeping quarters. There are rumours that the Kalsa Warriors are soon to release a fourth… Hang on, there’s something going on…

There seems to be a ship hovering above the nest. It looks like a Vohran bomber ship…

The ship has just released some sort of bomb above the nest! It doesn’t seem to have done any damage to the surface of the nest but it’s sent clouds of dust flying everywhere. Not sure what is going on right now, but the nest’s automatic defences have sprung into action, firing at the ship and driving it away. There also seems to be something firing at the ship from a distance? Can’t quite tell from here…

We’re also getting another report… Apparently two of the Kalsa Warrior regiments, groups P-R and P-S, have both left the side of Queen Melsa. These regiments appear to be the cause of the second something driving the bomber ship away. There are claims that Queen Melsa threatened violence to both the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia nest and to her own Warriors, driving them away from her. Several members of a third regiment, Group P-N, have also betrayed their queen and joined those of P-R and P-S.

That is all we know right now. Unfortunately we are bring told to move away by Queen Melsa’s Vasil-Proston, her personal Vohran guards, who are all normal Vohra, rather than Kalsa Warriors. We will report with more news soon.

This is Juilana Ptolmenius, reporting for News Cassia 24.