Tale – Preparation for a Challenge at the end of Time

Stasis looked at his brand new soldiers. Four pristine warriors, wearing the finest, strongest armour that Stasis could conjure. He’d cheated a little, giving them all armour that was impossible to even scratch by normal means. Or even Deitic means.

“Master, what are you thinking?”

As always, his favourite little Anexartan/Lanex hybrid Lua was curious. Lua had served Stasis for almost the entirety of the universe. Here, at the end of it all, Lua had offered himself one last time. So of course Stasis upgraded his Lanex armour into something nearly as strong as his own armour. It probably still wouldn’t be enough.

“Nothing, my child.”

“That is clearly a lie.”

Stasis sighed. Sometimes he wasn’t sure how Lua had survived so long. His other three soldiers were nowhere near as old as him. He inspected them up and down once more.

“Master, may I also inquire what you are thinking about?”

Caucyst was a Kronospast. Over billions of years, they had slowly changed their looks from “four-eyed Vohra” to something of a cross between a Lanex and the long-dead bipedal Panvok that used to rule huge swathes of the universe. Caucyst though wasn’t very heavily built, he was in fact rather skinny, armed with blades filled with corrosive acid. He too was fairly old, recently hitting the one trillion mark, having spent most of his life as the body guard of various Kronospast lords.

The other two beings though, Stasis had attempted to do something different. The first, a being which called herself Lenia, was a mistake Stasis had made about fifty million years ago. He had been messing around with the black, icky remains of a Zonta mass, and decided to combine it with Lanex prisoners. The result was Lenia’s family of hideous, icky, shapeshifting monsters. Thrope-like beings with claws of black nothingness. Lenia was a little bit more evolved and at least stood up straight. She also had large blades attached to her wrists.

Stasis’s last warrior though was a bit different, a result of many years of investigation. Stasis knew Death very well, and he knew she would use a very specific group on her own team of monsters. One of them at least. That’s where Tenvik came in.

Tenvik was half mortal. His father was a Deitic. His mother was a mortal who had died and become a Veth many trillions of years ago. A combination of his hybrid blood, manipulation, kidnapping, mind control and cryogenically freezing the thing so it survived for so long had created… Well, Stasis didn’t know what to call it. But there Tenvik was, created from stolen genes. A powerful warrior armoured in red and gold, covered in the scent of angry avatars of d.

“It won’t be enough.”

Stasis glanced down at Tenvik. “Hm?”

“We won’t be enough.”

Stasis sighed. “Most likely, you are correct.”

“Even my semi-Veth scent.”

Stasis nodded. That one little trick would probably only throw the Veth off for a second at best. But that didn’t bother him.

“This will be hard for you. The monsters of Kinisis will probably demolish you. But that does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you destroy Kairos’s team of warriors.” Stasis smiled slightly. “If you beat them, the universe, what is left of it, will sing praise of you forever.”