Tale: Another Crazy Plan

“Seth, where have you been? I know I have been lax with you all recently, but you have been gone for five hours without telling me!”

Veeksiar was pretty annoyed at his Ksa. Normally Seth was always incredibly well behaved, but here he was, hiding in some corner of the Great Library, faffing around with paper and plastic bottles.

“Where have you been?”

Seth didn’t say anything and continued with what he was doing. He had seven bottles lined up, each one with a note in it. Three more bottles sat empty.

“Seth, I will not ask you again…”

Finally, Seth looked up. He looked exhausted, with heavy, baggy eyes, as if he’d been watching something bright and shiny for an entire day.

“Ser, I am attempting to establish contact with the K-Class Ksa.”

Veeksiar blinked a handful of times, before he was interrupted by Thfenth standing behind him.

“Did the hole drilling thingy work?” Thfenth grinned as he dragged in a large reel of sturdy but thin rope. “I got the rope you wanted. Five hundred meters. Should be enough if the hole is two hundred meters deep, yes?”

Seth rolled his eyes. “You couldn’t have waited until Veeksiar had left, could you, Thfenth? I apologise, ser, you and Nenth were not supposed to know of this until Thfenth and I had completed this task.”

Veeksiar growled, crossing his arms. “I want an explanation. Now.”

With a sigh, Seth finished the note he was writing and inserted it into the eighth bottle. “The location of every Ksa is public domain. We all have trackers that can be accessed by anyone. I used that information to discover the more precise whereabouts of the K-Class Ksa. They are in the shallower parts of the Kryan Catacombs, which are directly beneath the farrow farming fields to the north of Thre-Vretania. I then had the area cordoned off and hired some basic laser drilling equipment to dig a 20cm diameter hole down to the catacombs, about 50m away from where they are approximately stranded. With the rope and these bottles, I hope to send down messages and construct a pulley system in order to get them some basic materials, in order to help the K-Class survive while we work on freeing them.”

The Keeper’s jaw dropped. Although Seth’s plan sounded like something a kid would make up, it was in fact somewhat reasonable.

“I feel I have underestimated your intelligence, Seth…” Veeksiar muttered. “But… do you really think this will work?”

Seth nodded. “Of course, ser. While the K-Class being underground means their tracker signals are weak, the hole I created should at least be near them, as the bottom of which opens out into a large, watery cavern. They probably stay there because resources are more plentiful by bodies of water. It is only logical.”

The Keeper thought to himself for a moment. “If we can establish contact with them, that will make an appeal case far easier. While Nenth and Kseth have gathered enough evidence to suggest the K-Class did not intentionally kill him, we don’t have the information to decidedly prove that they did their jobs correctly and are not at fault.”

Seth smiled. “I will have this system up in four hours, but if you want, I can speed the process up by dropping the bottles down before setting up the pulley system. Do you have… any additional suggestions for this plan?”

Thfenth once again interrupted. “Make sure you put a pen and extra paper in each one maybe? So they can write a reply or something?”

Seth pulled open a draw, which had ten pens in it. “Way ahead of you.”

Veeksiar uncrossed his arms and tutted. “You think of everything. Alright. Let me know the second you get a reply from the K-Class. I will send Keth to assist you and Thfenth in setting up the system.”

“Thank you ser,” Seth repled as he went back to work.