Skyavok Class System

Skyavok society is somewhat different compared to both normal capitalist and socialist societies but also communist ones as well. All Skyavok are separated into separate Classes, while each Class focuses on a specific job or duty.

The leaders of each Class are traditionally known as Ksiar but are commonly called Ksa. Ksa generally run along family lines, consisting of the best and most skilled Skyavok in a Class, but also showing extreme leadership and motivational skills as well as more advanced combat training.

Skyavok are free to work within any Class they desire, as long as they can prove they have the skills to do so. Young Skyavok are given the opportunity to learn a multitude of basic tasks and will pick a Class for themselves at the age of 15, doing further training in their field of choice. Ksa generally avoid leaving their duties and will remain with a Class until they die.

Elections are held every ten years to elect a singular leader for each Class. Every five years, Classes will pick candidate Ksa to run for the role of All-Ksa, the leadership of the Skyavok overall. The Class of the All-Ksa becomes the ruling Class and becomes the face of the species, driving which direction the Skyavok move in.

Each Class has a letter assigned to it for easy identification.

M-Class – The M-Class are the main judiciary branch of Skyavok society, running the court systems and training judges.

R-Class – Often called the Arbiters, the R-Class act as the police force of Skyavok territories.

S-Class – The Lawmaker Class, who work alongside the current ruling Class to create, update and amend laws. Many S-Class and M-Class Skyavok will move between these two classes.

N-Class – In charge of economic and trading affairs, the N-Class manage the majority of economic and tax systems within Skyavok society. The N-Class also deals with the Services industry.

K-Class – The Class of Interior Defence, protecting both Skyavok lands and Skyavok leadership, as well as running and maintaining the Skyavok’s military force. The K-Class Ksa also act as guards for the current ruling Class.

F-Class – The agricultural and energy class, the F-Class is the largest class and deals with any and all agricultural needs, providing food and resources for the Skyavok. The F-Class also maintains energy supplies and distribution, as well as environmental protection services.

L-Class – The L-Class runs various duties related to population control, healthcare and social safety nets, as well as the protection of physical rights to good health, food and drink. They also deal with the huge nurseries used to look after newborn Skyavok up to the age of one.

Θ-Class – The Θ-Class deals with education, both for Skyavok between the age of 4 and 20 and for those wishing to re-educate and change duties. The Θ-Class also trains and runs scientific communities and watches over think-tanks, research and experiments, and maintains the Great Library, a huge resource of knowledge available to all Skyavok.

J-Class – The J-Class run architecture and housing services, building homes and arranging housing for every Skyavok. They also deal with local government and the creation and maintenance of small communities.

A-Class – The A-Class is in charge of all transport for Skyavok communities. They maintain the many walkways, flight paths and bridges between Skyavok cities, maintain the public transportation service and issue licenses for private vehicles.

D-Class – As well as maintaining the Skyavok’s internet services and connections to the Olanet and other species-wide networks, the D-Class run television networks and telecommunications.

Ξ-Class – The Ξ-Class represent the Skyavok in international development, interterritorial trades and external affairs, communicating and dealing with other species and redirecting them to the appropriate Class as needed. They also represent the Skyavok within the Dessaron Battle Arena, being well known for their highly skilled fighters with both sharp attacks and sharp tongues.

Ψ-Class – The Ψ-Class deal with any duties not covered by other Classes. Because of their huge variety of skills, the Ψ-Class is very well-respected.