Plans of Patricide

“I thought Voidborns were immortal?” Yisini asked as she coiled herself around Epani, comforting herself from thoughts she didn’t like. “We can’t just… go and kill him?”

Epani put one of her fins over Yisini, patting her gently. “They are not immortal, dear sister.”

“They seem pretty immortal…”

The four deities had gathered in one of Arkadin’s little hidey-holes, the places where Arkadin planned more horrific things like cleaning up after plagues, murdering powerful leaders and dealing with mass-extinctions. Normally he wouldn’t allow anyone else in there with him, but with the Voidborn threatening their universe, drastic measures had to be taken.

“They’re not immortal in the slightest,” Arkadin explained. “They just need a little more power than I have, and a distraction to keep them from instantly reviving. In my current, admittedly rather weak state, I can’t force him to decay faster than he can regenerate, which is where you all come in.”

“Wait!” Yisini suddenly interrupted. “Why are we killing Kenon again?”

The other three deities all rolled their eyes.

“Because, sister…” Epani growled. “Kenon attempted to kill us and replace us with his own clones because he deemed us inferior and unworthy of being Kinisis’s children. While Arkadin may have stopped that plan, he has since been sending in more horrific clones in order to cause as much damage to both us and this universe as possible.”

“Basically, he wants us all dead and won’t stop until either he dies, we die or the universe dies…” Arkadin sighed. “And while the death of this universe is technically my end goal, this universe isn’t scheduled to die for at least another few billion years.”

“He knows we’re coming to kill him though?” Yisini was still clearly confused. “Can’t he just, I dunno, escape?”

Kairos and Arkadin shook their heads. “We have him spiked and sealed in a time loop currently.”

“And while we do have to break the time loop to kill him…” Arkadin sighed some more. “He… he really wants us all dead. Kenon’s entire perspective has shifted. It’s not just me he hates now, it’s all of us.”

“Because we took your side?”

“I guess…”

Yisini blinked. “So what… what is the actual plan?”

“I’m glad you asked!”

Arkadin flipped up the one table in the dark room, revealing lots of scrawled out drawings. A lot of stuff was crossed out, obviously ideas that he didn’t think would work. In the centre was a particularly big drawing that had clearly been redrawn.

“The plan is simple. Epani will gather any stray black holes and Kairos and I will move Kenon’s prison towards them. When we remove the time loop, Yisini will use parasites and bacteria to distract and blind the Voidborn while we get him as close to the black hole singularities as possible. The time dilation, which Kairos will protect the rest of us from, will slow down Kenon’s healing abilities and allow me to kill him in one blow.”

Epani grunted. “That sounds reasonable.”

“Sounds like a great plan, actually!” Yisini beamed. “But… what about Kinisis?”

“She can’t know!” Kairos immediately stamped his foot. “She finds out, this is all ruined.”

“Really?” Yisini asked, her eyes widened.

“Yes, really.”

The Allbirther sighed. “Alright then. I’ll stay quiet. When we doing this?”

“I’ll let you know… Probably in 20 or so hours..” Kairos muttered.

“Cool!” Yisini beamed as she leaped off Epani and disappeared. “I’ll see you then!”

The other deities all glanced at each other.

“Hm, maybe she should have been the death god…” Epani finally tutted. “Anyway, I wish us all good strength. I feel tomorrow will be… interesting.”