The Kalsa Warriors

The Kalsa Warriors are Vohra trained from birth to protect Vohran nests and act as the first line of defense against anything that may harm the Vohra. They typically have more freedom than most Vohra, as they are free to leave and move to different nests, as well as explore the universe, assuming they have asked permission from their Vayra Queens first. The average nest will typically have 1 Kalsa Warrior for every 100 Vohra.

Groups of Vohra are destined to become Kalsa Warriors as and when the nest needs them, and a Vayra in need of more defenders will release special pheromones when she gives birth to a batch of Warriors-to-be, so nursery workers know exactly when to prepare for their arrival.

Training begins as soon as a Vohra can open its eyes. Warriors-to-be are telepathically taught at a faster speed than normal Vohra, with basic skills being directly driven into their minds. Warriors-to-be are also put into special walking machines, in order to build their muscles up quickly. Combat training starts at a year old. At the age of 3, Vohra will begin a non-stop training session that lasts 1 month with only 1 break every 24 hours. They finish their special education at the age of 5 and must complete a trial unique to every nest and decided by the nest’s Queen to ‘graduate’.

The Kalsa Contest, as the trial is commonly known as, usually consists of some sort of dangerous obstacle course, then a gladiatorial battle with either a pack of feral Varga or a collection of wild monsters. Nests on Portalia often have new Kalsa Warriors fight the members of one of the Vohra Dessaron teams in 4 1v1 battles.

Kalsa Warriors generally graduate in groups of 4-12 of Vohra at a time (4-6 in small nests, 8 on average), and these groups will most likely work together for the rest of their lives. Each Vohra on a team has a unique elemental power, so that the group can combat any threat that may pop up. Kalsa Warriors always put the lives of other Vohra first, even before that of their own Queen and the Vayra of a nest. This is because a nest can’t survive if it loses too many working Vohra, but a new Vayra would be born eventually and a Vayra always needs Vohra to support her.

As well as defending and working as soldiers, Kalsa Warriors also act as civil servants. Vohra will often come to them asking for help or advice, or to arrange various things such as sick leave, holiday and employment within their nest. Finally, Kalsa Warriors act as police, tasked with capturing anyone who disobeys the Queen’s laws. If need be, Kalsa Warriors have the jurisdiction to run a nest if the Vayra in charge are unable to do so. This also gives them the right to remove a Vayra from power if they believe her to be doing more harm than good within a nest.

The average Kalsa Warrior works 12 hours a day, spends 6 hours asleep and has 6 hours of free time. Kalsa Warriors do their duties in shifts, with one team working while the other sleeps.