Unequal Opportunities

“But… but that’s unfair!”

Arkadin crossed his arms and pouted as Kinisis tried to lead him over to the table, where a plate of cakes and sweets was waiting for them.

“That’s super unfair! You said I could! You said I had the same rights as everyone else!”

Kinisis quickly gave up on trying to sit Arkadin down and sat in one of the free seats, helping herself to some cake. She patiently waited for Arkadin to stop shouting and pouting.

“You said I was allowed to have followers! You said I could do what the others were doing! You can’t just suddenly change your mind now! Especially since I’ve started researching it!”

“I know, Arkadin, I know…” Kinisis nudged the chair next to her favourite little death god, hinting that he sit down. Arkadin finally relented and did as he was told, taking a large slice of cake as he did so. “But I need to explain a few things to you, and why I had to do this…”

Arkadin grunted. “Is this because of those beings that nuked themselves?”

“Somewhat, yes.”

“That wasn’t my fault!” Arkadin immediately started shouting and protesting again. “I hadn’t even APPROACHED that race… whatever they were. A race of fucking idiots, I tell you! But it had nothing to do with me!”

Kinisis shrugged, now pouring herself a drink. She poured a second one and pushed it towards Arkadin.

“They were worshiping a death god and got their whole planet killed in the process. Epani is not happy about cleaning up radioactive matter.”

“She can just shove the whole planet into a star, problem solved!” Arkadin sneered. “You can just make a new planet later on. I did NOT prompt them to do anything like that, alright?”

“Yes, but you could. To understand death is one thing, but it easy to go from understanding death to celebrating death to wishing it upon others. As we clearly saw.”

“That…” Arkadin rubbed his eyes, sick of going around in circles. “I wasn’t even planning on using myself as a death god. I wanted to have what the others have, a collection of races loyal not to Arkadin, the Thantophor, but to Arkay, the God of Luck. The Tykhifor, if you wish.”

“But you are not a god of luck. You would be a false prophet.”

“I am technically not even a god of death, so I’m doing that already. But you can’t just pull the rug from underneath me and not even allow me to try and do anything!” Arkadin protested some more. “I want to try! I want to have what everyone else has! Kenon can swoop in and steal one of my favourite races from under my nose using a stupid mind control trick, but I’m not even allowed to APPROACH a group of races and ask if they want to meet up and discuss my being a patron deity?”

“Can you do that with no one dying?”

“Kenon couldn’t.”

“Kenon killed maybe a hundred beings. Not half a billion.”

“I DID NOT DO THAT!” Arkadin suddenly roared, kicking the table back and chucking food everywhere. “I am fucking telling you, Kinisis, that race of nuclear retards was nothing to do with me! Sure they worshiped me but I ignored their prayers and had nothing to do with them!”

Kinisis crossed her arms, sighing. “That there is the issue. You should have talked them out of what they planned to do. Instead you ignored them until the issue went out of control. If you are going to be a god that will be worshiped, you need to be able to control your followers.”

“But I don’t want to control them. I just want them to look up to me.”

“If you don’t make suggestions for them, they will make up their own suggestions.”

Arkadin took several large, deep breaths, calming himself down. “I can’t win.”

“You just need to learn!” Kinisis smiled, gently patting Arkadin on the head. “It’s hard to understand. It takes time.”

The Thantophor though had heard enough. With a flick of his wrist, the table righted itself and the food fell neatly back into place. Arkadin then tutted and walked off. “I guess I just won’t bother then. I’ve got work to do anyway…”