Scientific Quotas

“Seventy five thousand, six hundred and thirty one.”

Yisini snorted as the Temthan scientist read out that number for the second time. Yisini assumed they were a scientist. They were the only Temthan in the room who happened to be wearing clothes. A lab coat and some shorts.

“And how many of our own?”

“Five hundred and sixty seven.”

Yisini snorted again, then giggled a little. “So how many in total?”

The Temthan sighed. “Seventy six thousand, one hundred and ninety eight.” They were purposefully saying the numbers loudly, slowly and clearly, as the other Temthans in the room were all too drunk, too drugged and too sleepy to care. For all he knew, Yisini couldn’t hear what he was saying over the sounds of moaning, blissful Temthans.

“Not bad!” the Allbirther beamed. “And it’ll take how long to recover from our own losses?”

The Temthan jotted something down on his notepad. “About five days. Possibly four days if the batches are done in time.”

“And how long will it take for them to recover?”

“Considering the destruction, at least two months.”

Yisini clapped her hands together in glee, just as a drowsy female Temthan climbed over her tail. The Goddess of Life turned her attention to the female, wrapped her up in her claws and pulled her close. She looked back at the Temthan scientist.

“About those batches. What’s slowing that down?”

“I don’t know. We were supposed to have several hundred coming from outside normal Temthan territories to explore faster processes but our main capture area was… found out and stopped a few days ago.” The scientist sighed. Why he was doing this, he didn’t know. He had far better things he could have been doing, but he’d been dragged into this mess by his superiors.

“Hm. I’ll probably go deal with that myself…” Yisini hummed briefly to herself, before turning her attention back to the scientist. “Alright, I need to satisfy this lot, so you can fuck off now.”

“Is that it?”

“Yep. Bugger off… what’s your name again?”

“You never asked. I’m Doctor Hinas.”

Yisini smiled. “Nice meeting you, doctor. Now fuck off.”

The Allbirther used her tail to throw Hinas out of the room and slam the door shut behind him. All Hinas could do was grunt as he picked himself up.

“That was fucking rude…”

For a moment, Hinas paused. He wondered whether Yisini had heard him say that. If she had, she probably would have had him killed instantly. Then again, the Allbirther was known to dragging out punishments and letting unlucky beings think they were safe for a bit.

“This sucks…” Hinas muttered under his breath, just as the door behind him opened again. He turned around slowly, not sure what to expect.

“You still there, kiddo?” Yisini asked. Hinas always thought that the Allbirther was female, but she was currently inside three particularly slutty females, all naked, sticky and moaning. Hinas wanted to look away, but his base instincts wouldn’t let him.

“Uuh… um… maybe…” Words weren’t forming. Hinas’s male instincts were going wild. He wasn’t normally that sort of Temthan, but if the Allbirther was about to invite him to join in, there was no way he’d be able to resist.

Yisini continued like nothing was going on. “Tell me, what planet was that collection facility on?”


“Neutral world?”


“Thought so.”

The Allbirther tutted, then slammed the door shut again. Hinas took a deep breath, rubbed his eyes then looked around for the nearest bathroom.