Tri-Serpent Agreement

The three deities hovered over the barren planet, one that had never been touched by the gentle hands of life. That was soon about to change, but not quite yet. One of the three deities here had more important things to work out.

“So why did you summon us again?” Yisini yawned. She desperately wanted to get started with planting the first few seeds of life on this planet, but Kairos was busy doing… something. Waving his wings around.

“One moment, just giving us some peace and quiet…” The Whenvern slowly stopped flapping his arms. A barrier of sound protected the three deities, making sure no one could overhear them. Not that there was anyone around to do so. “I just want to make sure that we’re all clear on the new plan.”

“There’s a plan?” Yisini asked.


“What is it?”

“The Leave Arkadin The Fuck Alone plan. LATFAP, as I like to call it.” Kairos emoted towards Epani, who was staring off into space. “Epani and I both agreed on it already, we just need you to agree, Yisini.”

Yisini twisted the end of her tail between her fingers, the rest of her body metaphysically coiling around the barren planet. “That sounds dumb.”

“Allbirther, please…” Epani sighed, returning to the conversation. “We cannot fight each other any more and we certainly cannot fight the Thantophor, not lest we create something worse.”

“We were going to have something better if Kairos hadn-”

“Oh shut it!” Kairos immediately interrupted Yisini and her trail of blame. “We might have had four cute little death gods that were submissive to us, but we also could have had four rampaging rage monsters, confused and angry and wanting to maim and murder! Seriously, we got the better end of the deal. A death god who is not angry and is willing to just do his own thing.”


“Yisini!” Epani snapped. “We have all seen that the Thantophor is mostly harmless when left alone! Yes, he passively makes our works of art decay, but he is not actively destroying us in the way that a new death god could. This is our chance to expand, sister, our chance to build while he is not looking. Kairos’s plan, to leave Arkadin to his own devices, is the perfect opportunity to start improving and perfecting our creations.” The Panelix reached forward, heavily placing her finned limbs on Yisini’s shoulders. “Sister, please, this time, listen to Kairos. Listen to me.”

Yisini shrugged, shaking off Epani’s grip. “I know, I know, but we could have gotten something better.”

“Or we could have gotten something far worse…” Kairos tutted. “And we also could have had the whole universe collapse on us. Which would have been bad for everyone.”

“True…” Yisini sighed. “So this fapping plan…”

“LATFAP…” Kairos growled.

“This plan, it’s literally just to leave Arkadin alone, let him do what he wants and to keep out of his way?”

The Whenvern nodded. “Yes. Is that too hard for you?”

“Nah, sounds reasonable to me!” Yisini finally smiled. “And we get some peace and quiet as well. That works. I can live with that.” The Allbirther turned her attention to the barren planet below. “Can I get to work now?”

“You promise you will follow the plan?” Kairos hissed.

“Of course.”

“Alright then.” The Whenvern patted Yisini on the shoulder, dissolved the sound barrier around them then took off. “I’ll see you both round. Have a good one.”

Yisini waited until Kairos had disappeared, then smiled at Epani. “So, you wanna… work together on something?”

“Like what?”

“You know what.”

“Sure…” Epani smiled. “You stay here, I’ll get the toys.”

Yisini blinked. “That’s not how it works, but sure, I guess?”