Missing Conversation

“Where in the name of the Light are you?” The Vice General’s voice screeched down Teekay’s communicator. Goodness knows how long he had been trying to call him.

“I apologize, ser…” Teekay glanced around. He was in the middle of a large, grassy plain. The sun was slowly rising over some mountains to the east, and to the north there was the dim light pollution of a settlement of sorts. “I have no idea where I am currently.”

There was some muffled noise down the phone line, the Vice General was shouting someone else. “Itakay, get on a computer and turn on his damn tracker!”

“Ser, I apologize profusely. I swear, I must have appeared here as if by magic.” The Vice General wasn’t listening, he was still shouting at the other K-Class Ksa who hadn’t been teleported away. Teekay decided to start walking towards the glow of the settlement, as he had no other real choice. Finally, the Vice General got back to him.

“You are on Portalia. Vriskera. That is as close as we can get. I need you back here as soon as possible. It is almost like war has broken out.”

Teekay quickened his pace. “What do you mean, ser?”

“Have you been taking your vials?”

“Yes, ser. Ten a day, as you told me to.”

The line went silent, then the Vice General hung up. Feeling suitably worried, Teekay continued to speed up and head to the light source. The plains were mostly empty apart from the occasional tree or long grass, but there were traces of footprints on the ground, someone else had also walked this way. Suddenly, Teekay’s communicator rang again, snapping him from his trail of thought.

“Are you safe?” The Vice General’s voice was much more concerned this time.

“Yes, General.”

“Good. We are getting… varied reports. Apparently life and death are working as intended once more.”

“So I can die now? Great…” Teekay sighed. Last thing he wanted was to die. The Cassids had better get back to work on their medicinal work.

“You can also have kids too, if you wish.”

“I do not think I will ever have time for kids, ser.”

A long sigh spewed from the phone. One that Teekay had heard many times before and would hear repeatedly, probably until he died. “Teekay, just get back here as soon as you can. Bring back the other Ksa as well if you are capable of doing so, since you are heading in said direction… Hang on…”

Once again, the line went dead. But Teekay was getting closer to the settlement. Looked like a Thanatian village, would be unlikely that they had much when it came to fast transport, but at least Teekay could purchase some supplies and get directions. Thankfully, his backpack was still secured firmly to his shoulders.

The communicator buzzed again.

“Hello again, Vice General.”

“Change of plan. Head to Palaestra, meet up with Arkay. I am sending the N-Class Ksa to meet you both.”

“Ser?” Teekay was confused. He WASN’T needed back by the Vice General’s side? “What is going on?”

“We have a bad situation here, Teekay…” the Vice General seemed equally confused and shocked too. “This is more important than you being here.”

“Ser, mind explaining what the heck is going on?” Both ends went silent. Teekay waited patiently for an answer, and sped up, running towards the village. This must have been pretty bad, whatever was going on. “General Elkay, are you there?”

The voice on the other end spluttered slightly.

“The… The High General is missing.”