Surprise Lawyer

While the sudden supply of candies and sweets had helped calm his nerves, Kohra was certain that something strange was going on. According to the guards muttering outside his cell, he was supposed to have been shoved onto a ship and abandoned in some remote region. But apparently, one of the Void Lord’s own advisors had put a halt to the process. Now, Kohra was just sitting in the bare, empty room, eating as much food as possible.

The food in question was actually food suitable for a Kronospast as well. Kohra had expected to be given standard Rethavok prison food. Or just Rethavok food in general, which never sat too well in Kohra’s stomach. Rethavok tended to mostly eat stews packed with proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates. The Kronospast diet on the other hand was nothing but simple sugars. Clearly his captors knew this, as they had supplied Kohra with plenty of candy and a lot of chocolate. Cheap food, but suitable food nonetheless.

This was good. Kohra had used all his energy teleporting over 200 Kronospasts not too long ago. If they continued to feed him, he might regain enough strength to teleport himself to safety. The only problem was that Kohra had no idea where he was. He needed a lot of specific information if he was to teleport anywhere that wasn’t within line of sight.

A knock on the door distracted Kohra, just as he shoved nearly a whole bar of chocolate into his mouth.

“Stand back. Empty your hands, keep your back against the wall and face the door!” a deep, Rethan voice demanded. Kohra immediately dropped the chocolate bar and did as he was told, backing up against the blank wall.

After some fumbling around, the door opened up, revealing two beings. One was a heavily armoured Rethan guard. The other… was a Skyavok?

“You have seven minutes.”

“That’s a rather arbitrary numb-”

“Seven minutes. Then I pull you out. Knock if you want out sooner.”


The Rethan guard pushed the Skyavok inside, then slammed the door shut. Kohra inspected this Skyan. For reasons he couldn’t explain, they seemed somewhat familiar. Dark skin, black armour and almost glowing, translucent orange highlights.

“Hello Kohra, I am Kayef-En and I am your lawyer.”

“I get a lawyer?” Kohra blinked.

“Of course. It’s part of both Rethan law and Union law. I specifically asked for your case. Which wasn’t too hard since most lawyers right now are busy settling insurance and reclaiming cases.”

Kohra eyed the Skyavok some more. “Do I… do I know you from somewhere?”

“Not directly, no. But you know my son, Kayen. Considering you are his friend, I took the case. And am risking a lot doing what I am doing. Basically, in non-legal terms, you admitted a very bad crime of murder, both patricide and regicide, to High General Kenon. Now, normally you’d be completely fucked, but we do have two paths. The first is that we claim insanity. You are, after all, a mentally unstable Kronospast. But, if you can give me a list of witnesses, we can make a much stronger claim that you were acting in self-defence. There is, however, a third option. But you’ll have to read through it yourself in private…”

“What do you…”

“It’s hard to explain…” Kayef-En smiled. He gently handed Kohra a very hefty folder, then turned around and knocked on the door. “Have a read, then let me know what you think. I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss things proper.”

The door creaked open, and a Rethan guard led the Skyan out of the room. Immediately, the door slammed shut again. Now on his own, Kohra took the time to rummage through the folder he had been given.

Annoyingly though, most of it was very boring technical stuff that Kohra didn’t have the interest to read. But there was… one page that stuck out. A map and some photos. A map showing exactly where Kohra was located, where a nearby safe house was, and the exact distance needed to reach that safe house, as well as other potential teleportation spots.

Kohra couldn’t believe his eyes. This was… perfect… All Kohra needed was a bit of energy, and he would be… free…

With renewed vigor, Kohra went back to stuffing his face with chocolate and candy, the thought of escape fuelling his hunger…