Teleport to Freedom

Kohra gasped for air as he pulled himself out of the water fountain, trying not to choke on dirty, endlessly recycled water. It must have been late as there was no one around and the lights on the edge of the fountain were the only things guiding him to safety. Everything else was pretty damn dark, but thankfully there seemed to be some street lights. After quite a bit of coughing and spluttering, Kohra finally managed to calm down and inspect his surroundings.

Except there wasn’t much to see. Since it was dark. Sure, there were lights, but they didn’t do much to actually illuminate the place, providing just enough light so that people didn’t walk into the large concrete bollards or fall into the water fountain.

“I fucking suck at teleporting lately…” Kohra grunted, shivering slightly as the wind picked up. Somehow, Kohra had ended up in the middle of a small town, rather than the safe house he had intended to travel to. Really, though, Kohra was thankful that he hadn’t ended up teleporting into a wall or something.

The sound of movement distracted Kohra’s thoughts. A vehicle was approaching. A standard Rethan tram-like hover vehicle, which had stopped the moment it had seen Kohra. The directional indicators of the vehicle popped on as it pulled to one side, parking out of the way. The engine however didn’t switch off, and one of the side windows rolled down.


Kohra squinted, trying to see who was calling him. Whatever they were, they were not a Rethavok.



“Come here!”

Kohra reluctantly did as he was told. Worst case scenario, if this being was unfriendly, Kohra could always just teleport a few blocks away to escape. But as he got closer, a smile lit up on Kohra’s face.


“Get your ass in the car, we gotta go.”

As soon as Kohra was inside, Timik rather cautiously drove away. It was clear that Timik wasn’t completely certain in his driving skills, especially in a vehicle that was a bit small for him. Timik’s horns had left quite a few scrapes in the vehicle’s roof.

They didn’t seem to travel very far. They went down some twisting and turning roads, before turning into a driveway and parking behind a block of apartments. It took Timik a couple of tries to properly park in the only empty spot. Once he was satisfied, he turned off the engine, then helped Kohra out of the vehicle, before leading him to a side entrance and some stairs. They climbed up two floors, before entering a very dark hallway. Timik felt his way against the wall for the light switch, then rang the door bell of the nearest apartment on the right.

A lot of rustling could be heard inside the apartment, as well as several clearly Skyan curse words. Eventually, the door opened, revealing a dishevelled, dark-skinned Skyavok with beautiful, translucent, fire-like armour.

“Dude, I told you to knock! I thought you were someone else!” Kayen hissed as he checked the area, before leading Timik and Kohra inside and immediately, yet quietly, shutting the door and padlocking it. “Gave me a fright!”

“Sorry…” Timik grunted, making his way into the kitchen. “Found him though. You were right, he was a little bit off.”

Kohra couldn’t help but smile with joy. “You two… saved me…”

“Well, yeah, of course we did!” Kayen exclaimed. “But we thought you were dead. We all got given god mode and powers and then there was this massive battle and we all got scattered after it and we didn’t hear anything from you! You should have called us sooner and we would have come and tried to help you!”

“Yeah… I know… I was just… completely tied up with everything…” Kohra sighed, then changed the subject. “You gotten in touch with Phovos and the others? I’ve been completely out of the loop.”

Kayen and Timik both fell silent, eyeing each other nervously.

“We… we can’t find Phovos. We’ve been searching for her, but I think she’s gone…” Timik tried to explain. “A lot of people never came back…”

“Not just Phovos either. Tahvra and Elkay disappeared from Levik’s little team and Ct’Era and Levik are busy in Vohran territories. And Psiksi is completely on his own now…”

Kohra blinked, not sure how to respond. “Wait… Tenuk… is gone?”

“Uh…” Kayen hesitated. “Yeah… He’s gone… or at least missing… I’m sorry…”

Kohra sighed. Kayen stepped forward, hugging the little Kronospast. “But you’re safe now. We’ll let everything blow over and then… I dunno, maybe go look for them or something…”

With another sigh, Kohra hugged Kayen back. “Well… thank you… I appreciate it…”

“Anything for you, friend.”