Forgotten Reasoning

Kairos panted with satisfaction, holding a familiar white and grey Life Goddess in his arms. He and Seimeni had been chilling out in the Whenvern’s crystal palace for a couple of weeks now and were very happy with the current situation. Of course, plenty of fun times had happened, but there had also been plenty of relaxation and decent conversation. And the best thing about it all? No one had bothered them.

“That was fun!” Seimeni beamed, snuggling up closer in Kairos’s winged armed. “Forgot how nice and gentle you were!”

“Girl, you know I’ll treat you however you want!” Kairos smiled back, gently stroking Seimeni across the face. “I find it curious that you came here though, thought you just wanted to do your own thing.”

“I thought I did…” Seimeni rolled over, so she was facing Kairos properly. “But if I’m really honest, I don’t really know why I came here at all.”

Kairos blinked. “You didn’t come here for a reason?”

“I did. I just… kinda got completely sidetracked by you and forgot what that reason was. I know you guys are busy setting up your amusement park thingy…”

“It’s not an amusement park…” Kairos interrupted. “It’s a… tourist attraction. And a front to sell all that gooey black stuff that is currently flooding the caves underneath the city of Thre-Vretania…”

“What gooey black stuff?”

“I dunno, the stuff Arkadin used to kill Kenon. Anti-Voidborn paste or something like that. Arkadin even sent me an email explaining what it was and I am still not completely sure. Did learn a lot about loot fountains though.”

Seimeni blinked. “Huh… Weird…”

“I thought that was why you came here, to be honest…” Kairos shrugged as he tried to sit up, still holding Seimeni. “I thought you had some deal with Kinisis or something.”

“Had no clue… I thought you came back here to help Kinisis too.”

Kairos shook his head. “Nah, I came here to help my sisters. Kinisis was going to look after herself, but then Kenon decided to be a cunt and all that, so I thought maybe I should stick around. But it turns out they haven’t really needed my help, and my little trainee can do most of the work for me…”

As if on cue though, there was a knocking somewhere in the palace. A voice popped up on the intercom, begging for Kairos’s attention.

“Hey boss, I kinda need your help with something!”

Kairos rolled his eyes, then let go of Seimeni and rolled to one side, where he had a small bedside table. On it was a button, a mic and a speaker.

“I am busy right now. What is it?”

“That’s the thing, boss, I ain’t got a clue!”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know what this ano… anonomal… anomanl… thing is! Can you come and have a look at it for me?”

The Whenvern frowned, then climbed out of bed. “Alright, fine. Send me the coordinates and we will check it out together, understood?”

“Yes, boss!”

With a final sigh, Kairos started stretching and cleaning himself up. He then glanced at Seimeni, who was still lying in bed.

“You want to tag along?”

“Yeah, sure!” Seimeni smiled. “Sounds like fun.”