Religious Wobbles

Away from the main palaces of the Temthan Empress was a single, luxurious tower that only the most esteemed Raptesses and Raptorans had access to. It was sealed off to almost all other Temthans aside from the Empress herself. A tower of archives and ancient scrolls. A tower of preservation, filled with treasures and guarded by automatic machinery. It also had a sex dungeon on the bottom floor, to dissuade any intruders from entering further.

Normally, Empress Agapia had no reason to ever come here. But there were feelings in the back of her mind that only this tower of knowledge could help her deal with.

The two guards at the entrance smiled politely. Both of them were well-known Raptorans, having grown too old to perform their normal duties as priests of the Kiniseos Religion, but still dedicated to their religious beliefs. They never went inside the tower, they only guarded its gates.

“She is free, my Empress!” the younger Raptoran beamed, holding his staff to one side. Agapia looked him up and down, licking her lips. Maybe afterwards… No. She had things to do.

“Thank you.”

The Raptorans both tugged on a chain, and the heavy, metal doors creaked open. Agapia stepped inside, and the doors slammed shut behind her.

In front of the Empress was that silly sex dungeon. A fruit punch filled with sex-driving pheromones, bowls filled with anti-pregnancy devices, BDSM equipment up the walls and a large, luxurious bed in the middle of the room. To her left was a spiral staircase with just a single piece of velvet rope blocking it off. Agapia moved the rope to one side and climbed the stairs.

As she did so, Agapia scanned the walls with her eyes. They were meticulously clean, neat and organized by date. These were all related to the Kiniseos Religion, foundations that built into the very basis of Temthan society.

At the top of the tower, everything opened up into a bright, glistening room. The ceiling was glass, offering an easy way for sun beams to light the room up. Everything else was self-contained. A simple bed, a kitchen area and a tidy work space, complete with desk and computer system. Sitting at the desk was something strange, something not quite Temthan.

“It is rare to see you here, Empress!” the being smiled.

“Xentress Arcaia, you are doing well, I hope!” Agapia smiled back.

On closer inspection, Arcaia clearly wasn’t a Temthan. She had a typical female Temthan body, but she also had Panvok-like plating across her arms, chest and head. A strange mixture of both Temthan and something else. Something that Arcaia herself could never explain.

“I am, my Lady. Is it that time of the month already?” Arcaia glanced at a calendar on her desk, then frowned. “It is not. Why are you here then?”

Agapia sighed. “You know what is going on with… with the Allbirther blessing us in person, yes?”

“I do…” Arcaia scrambled for several sheets of paper, dropping them on the floor. “Oh darn. Blessed Agapia, none of this makes any sense, I do not know why she is here. It is… outside of our scriptures. I know it is all interpreted, that it is my duty to find meaning from Her Original Works, but the Allbirther’s Presence here makes no sense at all!”

The Empress stepped forward to assist Arcaia with the papers. She delicately ran her hand down Arcaia’s back, causing the Xentress to tense. “I understand my dear. That is what I wanted to know. I thought that perhaps I was in the wrong, that this did not make sense. My fellow Raptesses and Raptorans are open to the Allbirther’s Words and Honey, but…”

Agapia paused. Arcaia stood there in silence.

“She wants something better?”

“Yes. Something better than the Temthans.”

Arcaia shivered. “Does She want… me?”

The Empress glanced up. “You?”

“I have the Dual Blessing. I am stronger and more durable than most Temthans. She…”

“I do not think She wants you in particular…” Agapia wiped her face in frustration. “I do not know what She wants, aside from us becoming stronger.”

The Xentress shook her head, then sat down on her bed. She was still shaking, ever so slightly. She was scared, and Agapia did not want her to be scared.

“Please, my darling…” Agapia smiled. “I will not let anyone harm you. If it makes you feel better, I can bring in extra guards, to keep you secure.”

“I would appreciate that…” Arcaia sighed. “I do not want to… be used again.”

“You will not…” Agapia tiptoed over and sat on the bed next to Arcaia, putting an arm around her. “I promise you. Is there… anything else you wish for?”

The Xentress hesitated, then glanced up at Agapia. “Now that you mention it… I would like to share some pleasure with you…”