Yisini’s Domain Only

“NO!” Yisini screeched as she twisted and skidded around, clawing at anyone who came near her. “I refuse!”

Kenon tutted, then grabbed Yisini by the scruff of her neck and sat her down at the table with the other gods.

“Refuse what, child?” Kinisis smiled lovingly. Yisini was always her favourite daughter, but her anger was… bothering the Goddess of All. “We are here to discuss things and you say no before we even start?”

Yisini calmed down, her tail coiling around her chair. “I thought you were all going to lambast me for not letting Epani make things?”

“We shall discuss that later on, after some more pressing issues.”

Kenon sat down next to Yisini. Kairos and Epani sat opposite with Kinisis at the head of the table. The only one missing was Arkadin.

“Uh, why is Arkadin not here?” Kairos asked. “Normally he is here.”

“We didn’t invite him,” Kinisis smiled. “He is not needed in today’s discussions, as our largest discussion is about him!”

“How so?” Kairos pressed on. “Surely if we are talking about him, he should be here to, I don’t know, defend himself?”

“Not today…” Kenon grunted. “We are evaluating his current position and set of rights. As you all know, Arkadin is restricted in what he can and cannot do. Right now, we have opened up the ability for the Thantophor to have allies and friends. We must assess whether this works for all of us.”

Yisini hissed. “He only affects my domain anyway!”

“He affects my domain too!” Epani hissed back. “He destroys stars and beasts in the same snap of his fingers. He affects all of us.”

“Yes!” Kinisis beamed. “Which is why we want your opinions on him.” The Goddess turned to Kairos. “You seem wholly uncertain, Kairos. Care to talk about how you feel?”

“I think we need to leave Arkadin alone. He has been way happier, way more open and all round more tolerable. He is a happy god now who is happy to do his work, do we really want to mess with that?”

Epani nodded in agreement. “Arkadin is good. Leave him alone.”

Kenon glanced at Kinisis. Kinisis nodded. “Very well. We leave Arkadin as he is. For now. What’s next, dear?”

The Voidlord pulled out a sheet of paper. “I have created new safety protocols. They will be delivered to your residencies and you will read over them.”

“Anything else?” Epani asked.

“Not from me.” Kenon tutted. “I believe we can discuss your disagreement with Yisini now.”

“Good!” Yisini exclaimed, slamming her hands on the table. “Life is MY domain and mine alone!”

Epani grunted. “I just wish to try something different for a change. You have done that before with landscaping and we have all intruded into Arkadin’s domain.”

“Intruding in his shit is impossible to avoid!” Yisini snapped back. “My duties are sacred!”

“So are mine.”

“What are we even arguing about?” Kairos asked. “Epani wants to make life and you don’t want to let her, Yisini?”

“Basically!” Yisini growled. “This is my thing. I don’t want Epani screwing up and creating shit I can’t deal with!”

Kinisis raised her hand, settling everyone down. “How about we sit on this a little. I want you both to make a list of upsides and downsides as to why we should or should not let Epani meddle with life. Then we will come back and work things out like the deities we are. Understood?”

Epani and Yisini both nodded awkwardly but didn’t say anything. Kairos shrugged.

“Is there anything else you want to discuss?” Kenon asked.

“Nope, we’re good!” Kinisis smiled. “You may all leave.”