Changing a Family’s Class

“I don’t want to!”

Kayen was never someone to get angry and have tantrums like this, but today was different. He’d been doing his normal job of collecting taxes when some pisshole had decided to attack him. For doing his job. The same job he did day in and day out, every single day.

“You chose this job. You wanted to do this. One little thing goes wrong and now you want out? Out of one job that provides well for you and into a job you are not trained for?”

Kayef-En, Kayen’s father, was not amused. Just over a year ago, he had been the External Economics Minister of the Skyavok, dealing with all trade duties between the Skyavok and other races. When the N-Class Ksa lost their re-election bid back in January (to the L-Class of all things), Kayef-En had decided to retire. He was a hundred and thirty, he was an old Skyavok. Kayen would have been a perfect replacement to do his job, but with a new Class in charge, there had been huge changes elsewhere too.

“Yeah, I chose to be a tax collector back when that was all part of the family legacy! We’re a family of money-checkers. It was my destiny or whatever you called it! This was all back when the N-Class were in charge and your partners didn’t skewer the Skyan economy!” Kayen shouted. “Back when we weren’t fucking vilified! I’m just doing my job and all I get is hate and anger because I’m your kid!”

Kayef-En opened his arms wide, tempting his kid to come down from his room. “I know, my darling. I know, it’s hard. But things will change.”

Kayen growled, spreading his energy wings and leaping over his father. “YOU KEEP ON SAYING THAT!”

“I am right, kid. Things will change. All things change in the river of time!” Kayef-En sighed as he turned around. With a flick of his wrist, the front door, the building’s only real exit, slammed shut and locked itself. “You chose this duty. You cannot run from it. Not without handing in your notice and going back to school for retraining.”

Kayef-En watched as Kayen slowly stopped trying to unlock the door, the cursing under his breath dying down. In his anger, it had taken too long for Kayen to realise what his father was saying.

“Wait…” Kayen turned around and stared at his father. “Wait… what? You’re… not completely stopping me? You’re not being all political on me?”

The former politician shook his head.

“Like, for real?”

Again, Kayef shook his head. “I am being honest with you, kid.”

“So… you’re willing to… let me change jobs?”

“If you fill in the proper paperwork, hand in your notice and begin retraining in a new Class the second that you stop working, then yes, I am allowing you to change your job and do something you are happier to do for the rest of your life.”

Kayen blinked. “Really?”




Kayen put his bag down hesitantly, then walked towards his dad. “You’ve been a dick before, you know I don’t…”

“As I said, my child, things change. Everything changes. Maybe it is time for the family Class to change, for you to spread your wings and try something new.”

“Even if I want to try and go for K-Class?”

Kayef-En hesitated, then nodded his head. “That is a hard Class to get into, but yes, if that is what you want, then I shall support you.”

Kayen smiled, then leaped over and hugged his dad. “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome, my son…”