Offers to the Worker

“All-Ksa, what in the name of the Void do you think you are doing?” Teekay hissed as he and members of the K-Class walked their leader down the hallway. “We literally just got word from the Arbiters, the elite Rethavok security and military force, that these Temthans plan on trying to kill you if they do not get their way! Why are you still going to this meeting?”

Kayel stopped in his tracks. The K-Class all instantly stopped as well. “I want to see them try.”

“You what?” Teekay grabbed Kayel by the shoulder. “This is madness. You are risking your own life…”

“You aren’t confident in your duties, Teekay?” Kayel smiled. “I thought the K-Class was one of the most elite defence forces in the known universe? Above even the Myst and the Arbiters… I heard General Elkay stopped a bullet with his mind, when you’ve stopped warheads with yours…”

Teekay tutted. “This is not the same. It is my duty to make sure you are not in danger, and to protect you from threats!”

“And you are.”

“If I let you go, I will be putting you in harm’s way and I cannot allow that!”

Kayel smiled once more then started walking again. The other K-Class all followed. Teekay hesitated, then growled.

“I cannot believe…”

“Teekay…” Veekay, the second-in-command of the K-Class, sighed. “He won’t listen.”

“I know…”

The hallway opened out into a large hall with a golden fountain in the middle. Standing around it were a collection of almost naked Temthans, both male and female. The males though were clearly bodyguards, they all had a heavy armour plate on their shoulders. The most beautiful Temthan stepped forward.

“Thank you for having us, blessed Skyavok. We are here to make a grand offer to you all!”

“Does she have her mammaries out, or is it just me seeing this?” Kayel whispered to Teekay.

“No, she’s completely naked.”

“Alright, just checking…” Kayel smiled again. Awkwardly for him, the Temthan’s breasts were at eye height, forcing him to look upwards. They had probably done that on purpose. “Hello, mistress Temthan. How may I call you?”

The female tilted her head to one side. “I am Tindyarna, Raptess and Missionaress to the Temthans. It is my divine duty to spread Temthan love across the universe.”

“Huh…” Kayel shrugged. “Well, I’m Kayel, leader of the L-Class Ksa and All-Ksa of the Skyavok. These are my best friends the K-Elite, the leaders of the K-Class Ksa…” Kayel stayed his tongue briefly, a small smile sneaking across his face. “I’m sorry, I can’t help but ask, but why are you naked?”

Several of the male Temthans grunted, but Tindyarna raised her hand and silenced them. “A fair question, little one. Temthan Love implies that you love yourself, that you are comfortable with your body, rather than hiding it in disgusting armour.”

“What if you wear armour for practical reasons?” Kayel asked. “And why does being comfortable with your body mean being tails and fannies out?”

“It is the Temthan way!” Tindyarna explained. “That is why we are here, little Skyavok! We offer you love and peace, the love and peace you deserve!”

“But we already have love and peace…” Veekay whispered. The other K-Class all nodded in agreement.

“He’s right,” Kayel was still smiling. “Veekay’s right. We already have love and peace. Why would we want yours? What else do you offer? The Rethavok offered us duty-free trading and lower import taxes, as well as easier access to their defence systems. We’ve got enough bloody love as it is, why do we need more?”

“We offer you more than just conventional love. We offer you any love you could imagine.”

The All-Ksa’s smile faded ever so slightly. “Like what.”

“Like…” Tindyarna hesitated. “Casual love. Brief love, eternal love and everything in between.”

Kayel turned back to the K-Class, rolling his eyes at Teekay. Teekay rolled his eyes back, and shot a telepathic message to the rest of his squad.

“We already have that.”

“Do you?”

“Girl…” Kayel tutted. “You are offering prostitution to a prostitute. Unless you have something of substance to offer us, then we are not interested.”

Tindyarna hissed, then drew a weapon. The guards behind her pointed their bladed blasters at the Skyavok. “I was afraid you’d say that. If you will not accept our offer, then we shall have to make a counter-offer. Prepare to d-”

But before she could finish her sentence, the Raptess collapsed in a heap, as did all the other Temthans bar one. The young male immediately dropped his weapon, and watched helplessly as the K-Class circled around them. Kayel’s black teeth sparkled as he approached, running his hand along the Temthan’s back.

“She’s not very nice, is she?” Kayel laughed. “I mean, she could have at least offered me a bribe or something before going straight to the killing! What’s your name, boy?”

“H-Halias…” The Temthan was shaking. These creatures were far smaller than he was, but they had done… something… to his friends.

“Halias, eh? Well, luckily for you, they’re not dead. Not yet, anyway. The K-Class, they can do things… terrible things… If I let them…” Kayel spoke slowly and calmly. “You came here to try and assassinate me, didn’t you?”


“You know that’s not a nice thing to do, right?”


“And you realise you’ve committed some awful crimes, yes?”


“Good. Now, I’m not going to let the K-Class kill your friends. We’re better than that. We’re going to stick you on your ship and send you back home. On the condition that the Temthans NEVER bother us again. Understand?”

“Yes…” Halias shivered. “But…”

“If you do bother us,” Kayel quickly interjected, “well, I’ll let the K-Class do some very nasty things to you, should you threaten us. Got it?”

“Yes… I understand…” Halias got down on his knees. “Please…”

Kayel patted the Temthan on his back, then whistled. Halias collapsed and fell to the ground, joining his fellow Temthans.

Smiling, the All-Ksa grabbed his communicator. “You there, Veeyel?”

“I am.”

“You got all that?”

“I did. Clean up crew is on the way.”


The K-Class started moving the bodies into neat rows, ready for transportation. Teekay let the rest of his Class work and rushed over to Kayel.

“That was…”

“Insane, I know!” Kayel beamed. “But it’s all sorted out. And to think that you guys didn’t trust me…”