Circle of Portalian Raptors

“We all agree, yes? We need to do something, before they destroy our home…”

The circle of Ksithanai all sat down in unison. Each individual was dressed in ceremonial coloured robes, wearing leather armour on top. There were five Raptors in total, one Kinotark for each district of Planet Portalia. The neutral world, home to millions of beings from many different races, had always been the Ksithanai home world, the one place they secretly controlled.

“We do agree. The question is what do we do?”

The tallest and eldest of the Raptors, Lord Felanos, grunted. Apart from Phovos and himself, most of these leaders were new. Hardly adults. Not even long-lived compared to him, they were hardly physical adults. Hadis and Voki were both replacing their parents who had been killed in a Kronospast-induced attack. Kadia was now controlling the territories of Dasi to the south after an awkward squabble and a funny election, but she always seemed more concerned about her looks than anything else.

“We join the Union.”

“You always suggest that, Phovos.”

“Well maybe this time we should do it!”

Phovos was only a couple of decades younger than Felanos. Both of them had been blessed and cursed with long life. Both of them were over a thousand years old. But while Phovos had adapted over the years, turning her Vriskeran territories into the hugely successful city of Palaestra, Felanos had kept his lands untamed and wild, allowing only a traditional lifestyle of basic needs rather than flashy fights.

“The Proedros would not agree…”

“The Proedros is busy dealing with our handful of other homeworlds!” Phovos hissed. “He does not care about this world because it’s neutral, not truly Ksithan.

He hates your fake warzone. He wants-”

Actually…” Kadia butted in. “I think he’s just busy. Our leader can spend precious time dealing with 90% of the population or he can interfere in the boring shit in neutral territories… I mean, apart from these nasty attacks… we kinda got our shit sorted out, you know?”

Felanos tutted. “He will begin to take notice soon. Two Raptors dead. Hadis, Voki, I am sorry for your losses. We are lucky that Phovos was not taken too, although I very much doubt a handful of assassins would take you out.”

Of course not!” Phovos growled. “But this won’t stop. This isn’t some isolated incident. They will come for you and Kadia too, and if the Proedros doesn’t care, then we need to turn elsewhere!”

The Union will not accept us!” Felanos shouted, louder than he had intended. “They think of us as diet Temthans. They-”

-Make lots of money off of us?” Hadis suggested.

View a lot of the entertainment Phovos produces?” Kadia added.

Would rather have us with them than against them?” Voki shrugged. “You’re like, a thousand years old? I thought you’d know that?”

Felanos grunted, then twiddled his thumbs. “You all want this.”

They have big armies and stuff. And lots of supplies. Things we can trade. Probably for cheaper…” Kadia smiled. “Maybe I’ll be able to get scale wax for cheaper. That stuff Vrekans use is so expensive.”

The Elder Raptor hissed. “Fine. You all think this is the right thing for us? Then go ahead. But I expect you all to do the paperwork and heavy lifting… Phovos, where are you going?”

Phovos left the room, then swiftly came back, this time holding a pile of paper. She slammed the sheets down in front of Felanos and grinned.

I’ve already done it all…”