Extract from the diary of a Feralheart Plague sufferer – 2

I am still writing in this. Not so much, but I am. Feel as though I should. Especially after the last few days. Things have been weird. A big thing tried to kill us but we dragged it from the water and killed it and ate it. Still have a lot left over, even though we put scraps all around the edge of our domain to distract other predators. BlackWhite got bitten though. He seems okay. Says he is okay. MetalGreen is looking after him like I asked. MetalBlue has calmed down a bit too. He is less aggressive. YellowBlack seems a bit poorly but insists he is fine as well. Won’t play with me though.

But the weird thing happened today. We were just minding our own business. Eating the big creature again. It has lasted us like a few days or something. Good. Less hunting and more playing. This creature though, one I haven’t seen before, approaches us. Like a little flying thing. It just watches at first but it gets too close and SilverRed scares it off. He wanted to eat it so he chased it. OrangeEyes followed him and so did ShadowBlack. They couldn’t find it though because it flew off.

Later on though we saw it again. We all chased after it but again it flew off and we started to get annoyed. We kept on seeing it and chasing it but it did the same damn thing over and over.

We found it eventually, but it was, like, attached to another being. Like, eating its head? I don’t know. It was doing something weird. But it was distracted so we attacked it and pulled it off the other creature. The other creature jumped up and this fire just appeared out of nowhere, so we all freaked out and ran off. I don’t think any of us stayed close to either of them, but the flying thing was killed. MetalBlue and StoneSkin went back later on to see if we could bring the flying thing back but it was burnt to a crisp. The other creature was gone too. I hope we see more of those creatures, I bet they are super tasty.

That wasn’t the super weird thing though.

We found another one of us.

He is slightly bigger than us. Big and powerful. He has these really nice wings but I don’t think they work. He just sort of crashed in the water. We thought it was something else, maybe the flying thing from earlier, but we were all really surprised to see what he really was. We picked him up out of the water. Normally we chase off other creatures similar to us but we all felt compelled to help him. All of us. I don’t know why. It was super weird. And he woke up pretty quickly too. Just looked at us all confused, before demanding to know where he was and what was going on. It was like we kinda recognised him or something? I don’t know.

The worst thing though is that I think he can control us or something. He wanted to know everything and we just told him. We didn’t do that the other times. Then he claimed he was our leader. And you know what? I bowed down and accepted his claim.

So he’s our leader now.