Meeting Yisini

Tenuk sat in the cockpit, not sure what exactly he was looking at. This scenario had cropped up a couple of times throughout his journey, but this time he was particularly confused.

Ahead of them was a planet that was more jungle than solid ground. The only thing on the planet that wasn’t jungle was a stone tower, which was covered in vines and beautiful flowering plants.

“Ser, should I go closer, see if there is anywhere to land near the tower? Or should I deploy your wing-fit?”

“I think I’m going to need the wing-suit.”

Dessi complied, as Tenuk put on his padded space suit. The wing-fit component opened up, allowing Tenuk to attach the winged jetpack on his back.

“Good luck, ser!”

“Yeah, thanks…”

The ship’s door slammed shut behind Tenuk. As he got closer to the planet, he could feel something odd. A flood of emotions, all trying to affect him at once. Aggression. Love. Hunger. Seduction. Tenuk knew better than to let them affect him. He pushed onwards, towards the tower. Now that he was closer, he could make out the being perched on top of it. A strange creature, with the head of a reptilian Temthan, the large-breasted body of a humanoid, the claws of a Banikan, but… no legs. Just a single, half-furred, half-scaled and incredibly long tail. Serpent-like almost. It had recently pulled itself out of a pool of golden liquid and was casually drying itself off.

“I am so glad you came here first. A little early, but no problem.”

Tenuk didn’t quite understand. “You’re the fifth deity I’ve visited.”

“But you visited me before the youngest. I was worried you would visit him before me. He is a strange one. I would not want him to harm you. It is not your time…”

Yisini seemed happy to see Tenuk. She leaped off her perch, pulling Tenuk towards her.

“I am also glad you are strong enough to push past the primal thoughts I can’t help but expel… I do enjoy being with many of my subjects, but to mate with you…” Yisini giggled loudly as she held Tenuk’s hands. “That would be immature of me. Not on the first date anyway!”

“That’s probably for the best…” Tenuk sighed. “I’m… not into that…”

“Into what? Dates? Creation? Reproduction?” Yisini giggled again. “Oh I see! You’re one of those ones! Lost and confused! Not sure whether your feelings towards others are ‘morally correct’! There is no morality! Only the creation of new life to replace the old that dies off, and the living of your life to the fullest! That is what I am about! Living your life. Having fun. Having sex. Lots of it. I can’t create immortal life, but I can create lots of life that does lots of different things.”

“What do you represent?” Tenuk asked as he pulled away from Yisini. She was getting a little too close and clearly had no idea about personal space.

“Me? I represent life!”

“Just life?”

“Well, life and food and drink and reproduction and sex and joy and happiness. If it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t be any life! Alright, sure, I’m not as powerful as Kairos and Epani, but I put life, from flora to fauna, in the space and time they create. I give it all meaning. Really, I don’t understand why mortals even worship Epani and Kairos. And fuck the little bitches who even consider worshipping the Thantophor…”

Tenuk shrugged, unsure what had brought that up. “Well, some of us are raised in… specific ways.”

“Ways you struggle to escape from?” Yisini asked.


“Well, I forgive you. And I don’t mind mortals worshipping Space and Time. I just wish that Arkadin wouldn’t… ruin all my toys. Everything would be fine without our Fourth, but the Blessed All and the Blessed Nothing, our parents, they put up with him…” Yisini tutted, then turned way, scowling. “You should leave. I have things to do. Things to make. New species to create. Worlds to repopulate.”


The Allbirther put a clawed finger to Tenuk’s snout, silencing him. She ran another finger down his cheek, petting him cheerfully.

“You go finish your adventure. Tell them how wonderful I am, alright?”

“I will.”

“Good! Look after yourself and enjoy yourself!” Yisini beamed as she let go and turned around, disappearing back into her home.

Tenuk floated aimlessly for a moment. A small part of his mind was attracted to Yisini, tempted to follow her. With a shake of his head, he pushed that feeling away, replacing it with a distinct feeling of dread.

He had one more deity to visit. And according to the other deities, this one was not a friendly being…