Meeting Kinisis

The centre of the universe was much darker than Tenuk expected. Everything had been bright and glowing, up until they’d reached that strange gravitational field. Once they passed that, everything went black. There was very little light, just the twinkling of various particles, popping in and out of existence and darting around randomly, like bird-sized fireflies.

The last thousand kilometres though, things brightened up, just a little. Just enough so one could see the lights surrounding a grand, diamond palace, sat on a small, grassy island with water flowing all around it. The water was purple and the grass was pink, but otherwise it looked like a lovely home.

“This must be it…” Tenuk was whispering and he didn’t know why. “Dessi, can you do me a favour and take some pictures as we come in to land please?”

“Of course, ser! Anything else?”

“No thank you, that will do…”

The ship landed quietly on the emptiest patch of grass furthest away from the palace. Tenuk quickly exited the ship, bringing nothing but pen, paper and his communicator. Like every other mortal in the universe, Tenuk had no idea what Kinisis was like, and didn’t want to seem like a threat.

As he approached the palace, Tenuk realised he needed to cross the moat surrounding the palace. There didn’t seem to be a drawbridge anywhere. But as he got closer, the water parted ways, allowing him to pass by without getting wet at all. What was more unusual though was the slender, feminine creature that had come to meet him on the other side.

“Ah! You must be the visitor that Kenon told me was coming this way at some point in time!”

“I am!” Tenuk smiled innocently. “My name is Tenuk Theanon, I am trying to speak with all our gods and goddesses in order to get a better understanding of the universe! I just met Kenon and I was… somewhat dissuaded by him…”

The being smiled. Her curvy body was a warm, mossy green, with brilliant emerald eyes and a matching pair of glowing green wings. Two horns adorned her head, and her mouth was filled with needle-sharp teeth.

“Oh, was Kenon being a grumpy silly pumpkin again? He is like that a lot all the time and being depressed and things! I wonder why he sends you here to this little lovely place I call home! What can I tell you that he can’t tell you when he as probably more answers than I do!”

“Well…” Tenuk suggested. “I’d just like to ask some questions. That’s always fun, right”

“It is almost always a good thing!” Kinisis grinned. “But I shall tell you now what you wish to ask, that I am Kinisis, the Blessed All, the foundation of this universe, the thing it was all built on. If it was not for me choosing this location and creating my four blessed children, then you would not be able to be here and have this conversation with me! Kenon may seem sad and unhappy at times but he, like our lovely kids, always strived for perfection and has lost some of his faith in recent years, due to what has occurred over these times.”

“He seemed sad that your children…”

“The children do what all children do and always have done, as is the way when you give the building blocks of a universe personalities and thoughts and emotions! The same way that all sentient and sapient and potentially intelligent beings can and will act among each other! This is but the nature of any universe, of the universes that I have seen and this universe I have created!”

Tenuk paused. “So what you’re saying is that everything is fine and normal, even after… what happened?”

“Yes, my little Tennypoo angel darling! Anything in this universe that changes or gets broken, I have faith that Kenon and my lovely children will be able to rectify and fix and maintain.”

“But do you do anything?”

“Me?” Kinisis shrugged. “I do not need to do anything because I am everything and everyone and all of the universe. Whatever happens, it happens and I deal with it and all changes that happen. Should my universe abruptly come to an end of some sort than I shall simply start again, with the assistance of Kenon, learning from my mistakes!”


“So nothing and everything, my little mortal friend buddy! You are worrying and sending yourself on a long and fruitless quest for almost no reason. If you really wish to persuade and change the beliefs of the majority, then get them to understand that I am the reason they are all here, that Kenon and myself are all and the children they follow, they are still my children and loyal to me above all else.”

“I’ve come so far though…” Tenuk sighed. “I can’t…”

“I am not saying for you to end your journey, my little dumpling of a mortal! I am suggesting that you carry on, but have this as an experience to prove that Kenon and I are all and are above all. The loyalties and religions of mortals are misguided, but like anything in this lovely universe of mine, they can be corrected! So go now, back on your lovely little ship of time and space, and continue your journey, to prove not what you set out for.”

Kinisis smiled as she put her arm around Tenuk and led him back to his ship.

“You are a special little mortal of the best kind. Please do visit Yisini and Kairos and perhaps even Arkadin, the louder and quieter of my children. One will always lead to the other and back and forth again. As is my lovely little cycle…”

Once they reached the ship, Kinisis patted Tenuk on the back, and pretty much pushed him into the ship.

“Remember, dragons always fly to the west, serpents head north to breed and the armoured beasts always head south to die. Now have fun!”

The ship door slammed shut behind Tenuk. Confused, he rubbed his eyes and headed to the cockpit.

“Are you well, master Tenuk?”

“I am…” Tenuk blinked a couple of times to clear his head. “That was… weird. Maybe we should visit Kairos next. At least I know what that will be like.”

“Of course, ser! Plotting course now!”

“Good…” Tenuk sighed. “I’m going to have a quick nap. Can you wake me up when we get there, please?”

“Will do, ser!”

“Thank you.”