Attack of the Golden Army

Kairos cursed as he peeled bits of dead Voidborn off his claws, preparing for another wave of enemies. No matter what he did, the swarm of golden monsters kept on coming. He would take down one swarm, only for the bastards to leave their golden armour behind, reform and attack again.

Thankfully, Kairos was not alone. Thousands of formerly mortal beings, essentially demi-gods, had been created to help Kairos defeat this menace. They weren’t doing that well, in fact, many of them were also dying and reforming, but it didn’t matter. They were doing one simple job, and that was stopping the Voidborns from entering the main keep, where Kinisis was working on the final part of the “big plan”.

The battle though was mostly the same across the universe. Simple beings given insane amounts of power, teleported here to the Plains of Kinigi, all fighting not just for their lives but for everyone else’s lives. There were so many bodies though that a thick layer of corpses and battered armour was beginning to coat the ground, making movement harder and harder.

Above though, Kairos had spotted something. No, it wasn’t the Thrakian warriors that Kairos had summoned, nor was it the Kronospast space fleet that had come to assist. It was the Voidborn leader, a golden terror all of its own. It had flown upwards, targetted Kairos and was now charging towards him. The Whenvern propelled himself upward, throwing the Voidborn leader off course, forcing them to crash into a horde of its own fellow Voidborns.


Kairos grunted, not really paying attention to the Voidborn’s words. Something about him lying? Not really? Wasn’t like anyone had actually died or anything.

Suddenly, the Voidborn leader stopped its aggressive charges. Something had caught its eye. The same something had also caught Kairos’s eye. A small spaceship screeched through the skies, slingshot itself around the fortress then flew back at the Voidborn, its hull piercing the golden monster’s shell.


A familiar face back-flipped out of the burning ship. Kenon, the Void Lord, glided down from the ensuing explosion, landing nearly on a pile of Voidborn corpses.

“You took your sweet time…” Kairos grunted, not that amused.

“I had to pick up my godly body…” Kenon shrugged. “I am so sorry that you all have to deal with my… former cultist issues. I should have been honest and-”

“Save the apologies until we’re safe!” the Whenvern snarled, pushing Kenon to one side so he could kill a charging Voidborn cultist. “It’s not your fault that these assholes attacked us!”

Kenon shrugged again, and decided to drop it, joining Kairos in with the killing. They were now flanked by a group of demi-gods, all having picked themselves up and somewhat lifted up by the Void Lord’s presence.

“These are all with you?” Kenon asked. He somewhat recognized these new gods. Somehow. Despite how numerous they were. More importantly though, they were more familiar to him than these other Voidborns were. Kenon tutted to himself, vaguely amused yet irritated by the fact that these random mortals were more important to him and that he had once considered the Voidborns to be family.

“Kinisis made them.”

“Of course she did.”

“Not sure how though. Try not to let them get killed.” Kairos flapped his wings, taking off and heading back to Kinisis’s keep. Kenon frowned, then gathered his new troops around him. With a simple mind-link, the demi-gods happily followed him into the fray, tearing Voidborns apart as they did so.

Suddenly, something echoed across the war-torn plains.


The Voidlord flinched, grabbing the nearest demi-gods and pulling them close. He had just realised what was about to happen…”