Irksomeness of a Goddess

Yisini coiled herself up in her nest, sighing wistfully. She was bored and didn’t know what to do with herself. In fact, she had been like this for days, her mind filled with tedium and her hands empty and fidgety. She had made herself a comfy nest but aside from that, Yisini had been sitting on her own, doing nothing.

“Sister, what is bothering you?”

Epani had been drifting by constantly. The Panelix had originally pretended that she was just checking on Yisini as she worked, but over time, she had spent more and more time floating around.

“You know what’s wrong!”

Yisini was tired of Epani’s presence but didn’t want to say anything.

“You’re upset about Arkadin, yes?”


The Allbirther uncoiled herself, looking for something else to wrap her serpentine body around. There wasn’t much around to cling to though, so she just rolled over, showing her belly. Epani drifted closer, confused as to why Yisini was acting weird.

“Why will you not be clear with your emotions?” Epani tutted. “You demand that we be cheerful yet you have been miserable for days…”

Yisini rolled back over, still tutting. She then reached up towards Epani.

“It would make me happier if I could coil around you!”

Epani tutted again. “Do you mean that-”

“Not in a sexual manner.” Yisini smirked briefly. “At least… not yet…”

“Fine. But you have to tell me what your problem is.”

Yisini immediately leaped up, coiling around Epani’s middle. Epani flapped her massive fins and began to drift off into empty space.

“So you want to know?”

“I do.”

Yisini sighed. “Well, I’ll admit that you were right. Part of it is because of Arky. How he blew himself up. But a lot of it is that it’s been like a few billion years and I still haven’t figured this stuff out. I mean, I made Kronospasts but they kinda get their long lives from Kairos. I’ve made ancient forests but they can still die. It’s hard making things live long.”

“Did you…” Epani hesitated. “I dare not say it… Did you not get anything from our siblings?”

“You’d think so!” Yisini growled. “You’d think I’d have gotten something, anything from them! Yet Kairos had little information and Arky gave me nothing at all! And now… now I probably won’t get anything from him ever because he’s closed himself up… I just want to find him and talk to him…”

Epani flapped her fins some more, thrusting the two goddesses towards a nebula. “Do you mean actually talk to him or try and take over his mind again? Because you are mostly to blame for why he pushes away from us.”

Yisini sighed. “I know… I just… want to say sorry.”

“Do you?”

“Mostly, yeah. I mean I still think that if we had…”


The Allbirther smiled, then sighed. “I didn’t think I’d miss him.”

“I admit I miss him too…” Epani muttered. “Perhaps… perhaps we should go and find him or something? He may be angry at you but he has always had an… average relationship with me…”

Yisini’s smile returned. “I’d really like that!”