Voidborn Rage

Vaksavar had remained in the corner for about an hour now, watching helplessly as the Voidlord smashed through the room, destroying everything in sight. Lord Kenon had been in a foul rage for a long time, seething with anger yet not actually informing his loyal subjects what the problem was. Multiple Rethan soldiers and guards had attempted to enter the room in a futile attempt to calm the Voidlord’s rage, only for them all to be pushed away. So far, Vaksavar had been the only being to see the entirety of Kenon’s rampage.

Suddenly and very much without warning, Kenon stopped breaking things and stood perfectly still. He then turned very slowly to Vaksavar and stepped towards him. Vaksavar couldn’t help but let out a small squeak of fear. After all, he was staring at an angry deity. And said deity had just teared a steel desk into literal ribbons.

The Voidlord took a deep breath, then sighed.

“I apologize for making you witness my anger…” Kenon finally spoke, lifting Vaksavar up off the ground and standing him on his feet. “I must have forgotten to have you moved.”

“I accept your apology…” Vaksavar stuttered. “Why… why did you…”

“Why am I angry?”

“Yes. Why are you angry?”

Kenon snarled, picking up a piece of wood off the floor, what had formerly been a wooden chair leg. “Did I not state why?”

Vaksavar shook his head anxiously. “Uh, no, High General… You just flew into a fit of rage when you received a communication…”

“Hmph. Well, I think one can understand my anger when I have been lied to. I was told that Rethais Rethianos had been killed. It turned out the body I had been brought was not genuine. How would one manage to create such a close false body? Now I must hunt down Rethais Rethianos and snuff him out for good, alongside those who deceived me.”

Vaksavar blinked. To the enslaved Rethan, this was wonderful news, but he had to hide his joy. But the Voidlord raised a good point, who was helping them out? After all, Kenon had been boasting for days that he had defeated both the old general and his old deity, referring to most likely the Thantophor, who had been known to assist the Rethavok in the past. In fact, Kenon had loudly stated that the Thantophor was in a coma of sorts.

“M-may I… may I make a recommendation, High General?”

The sound of this free-minded Rethan calling Kenon by his new title made him briefly smile. “What is it, Vaksavar?”

“Uh…” Vaksavar paused, not expecting such a calm reply. “I was going to say… it does not matter that Rethais is alive. Because you beat him in combat. The only way he could be a threat to you now is if he challenges you to combat the same way you challenged him to combat. But I… uh…” Vaksavar hesitated. He knew that Rethais Rethianos would probably leap at the chance of facing the Void Lord again, but the haughty deity didn’t need to know that. “I do not think you should openly hunt him down.”

“And why not? What if-”

“If he challenges you again, you will beat him, yes? But, assuming he is actually alive, he would be critically injured and would need months, if not years to heal. And he no longer has the support of the Rethavok like you do, High General.”

“If he continues to exist, he may influence free-minded Rethavok such as yourself.”

Vaksavar lowered his head. “That… is true… but… you still control approximately 99% of our population.”

Kenon kneeled down until he was at eye level with Vaksavar. “Would you follow Rethais Rethianos over myself, given the opportunity?”

“N-no… I… I was never a fan of his… his leadership…” Vaksavar didn’t want to test his luck, so he phrased his words carefully. “He could never… unite us, the way you, uh, did.”

Satisfied, Kenon straightened himself out and patted Vaksavar on the shoulder. They both knew that Vaksavar wasn’t telling the complete truth, but Kenon didn’t see Vaksavar or his words as any sort of threat. After all, the Voidlord had absolute power over his little race of Rethavok.

“Come along now!” Kenon smiled, unchaining Vaksavar from the wall, somewhat admiring his bravery. “I will call a clean up crew, and while they sort this mess out, we can go have some lunch…”