Course of Action

“We must send assistance immediately!” the High General shouted as he stormed into the main hall. Already present were King Ver of the Vrekans, Lokmahro, Dovak of the Tsithic Thraki, and Phovos, the leader of the Ksithans of Portalia.

“Do they want our help?” Ver asked. General Elkay glared at the Vrekan King.

“Of course we are going to help them!” Elkay snapped. “The Skyavok are part of our union! We MUST provide assistance!”

Ver smiled. “I know. I am just winding you up. I already arranged a lot of things to help. A unit of Vrekan soldiers and builders are at the Void Access Point, ready to help the Skyavok. Phovos and Lokmahro here has also offered to send some muscle, as well as, for some reason, some, uh, cultist priests.”

Elkay glanced at Phovos. “Oh really? And when did…”

Phovos growled. “Something killed the other Leaders. I am the only one still alive and in charge.”

The High General blinked in confusion. “I was literally only gone for forty eight hours… This is exactly why I always get antsy when I take breaks!” Elkay turned his attention to one of his guards. “Problems happen when I am not here!”

“No offense, General…” Lokahro, the massive, spined Thraki, hissed. “You can not predict when a death god will lose his mind. Which is why we are sending priests. To work out what we have done to anger the Thantophor and see how we can set things straight.”

Elkay glanced at Ver, who simply shook his head.

“If you think that will help,” Elkay sighed, “then go ahead. Has there been any word from All-Ksa Kayel himself? I heard-“



Two conflicting answers. Elkay waited for both Lokmahro and Ver to explain.

“Our Telpavs have not picked up any sign of the All-Ksa. The event happened at their main governmental area.”

“You won’t pick up any telepathic signals!” Ver interrupted. “The Skyavok, what I know of them, keep themselves protected from all that sort of stuff by being in the Void in the first place!”

Lokmahro tutted. The Thraki didn’t like being wrong. A communicator going off angered the Thraki even more.

“Is that…” Ver smiled just a little as Elkay flicked open his communicator.

“It is an emergency and I did give Kayel a means to get in touch…” Elkay sighed. “All-Ksa Kayel, we are all happy to hear that you are alive.”

The voice on the other end crackled. “I’m very happy to be alive. But also rather miffed. I wanted to thank you for the Vrekan soldiers you’ve sent. They have been very helpful so far. Void Gate didn’t want to open at first.”

“Is there anything else you need help with, Kayel?” Ver shouted. “You name it, we get it for you!”

Kayel hesitated. “Well… aside from maybe some medical supplies… I would like a word with your Dessaron. I came face to face with a monster, and I know they can assist me in bringing justice for what happened yesterday…”

Ver nodded at Elkay.

“Very well!” Elkay exclaimed. “We can arrange that for you. Not sure when but we can do that. Do you know what attacked you?”

There was a loud, audible growl on the other end. “Oh, I know exactly what attacked me. It was our friend the Thantophor…”

“And how are you going to…” Elkay paused.  “How are you going to bring justice to the Thantophor of all things?”

“Trust me. I have a plan…”